What is HFMA’s MAP Keys Compliant Program?

It recognizes information technology products that capture data needed to use HFMA’s industry-standard MAP Key indicators of revenue cycle excellence. The MAP Keys Compliant Program helps providers identify information technology products that support the use of MAP Keys to track, compare, and improve performance.

Why is it important for your product to become MAP Keys Compliant?

  • Revenue cycle leaders are asking for it. Hundreds of hospitals adopting MAP Keys and using MAP App ask HFMA: “What products comply with the MAP Keys definitions?” The MAP Keys Compliant Program is the ideal answer for providers.
  • Providers are seeking objective benchmarks. Hospital and health system leaders will be confident data they receive from your products can be used to track and compare performance with accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.
  • You earn an exclusive distinction. As a MAP Keys Compliant vendor partner, your product will receive prominent exposure among HFMA’s constituents and the industry as a whole. 

How will your products be evaluated?

When you submit your products for consideration, HFMA rigorously scrutinizes the source data-capture and data-reporting capabilities of the product. HFMA identifies which specific data elements — and related MAP Keys — the product can provide. Products that provide data complying with the definitions of HFMA’s MAP Keys receive the designation of MAP Keys Compliant.

Each MAP Key requires data that constitute a specific numerator and denominator. For example, to measure performance for the MAP Key “Point-of-Service (POS) Cash Collections” requires data showing point-of-service payments (numerator) and total patient cash collected (denominator). The value indicates potential exposure to bad debt, accelerates cash collections, and can reduce collection costs. To access this data, providers rely heavily on information technology products like yours.

As a MAP Keys Compliant vendor partner, you will:

  • Receive the program logo to place on your website and in marketing literature
  • Obtain exposure for your business and product on HFMA’s MAP website
  • Be acknowledged at upcoming events such as ANI: HFMA’s National Institute and MAP Event
  • Submit subject matter expertise that will become relevant content within MAP App such as white papers, tools, case studies, and proven practices
  • Co-host — with a provider — a live webinar exclusive to the MAP App subscriber community. The webinar will be archived in the MAP App Community section for optimal exposure

Interested in becoming MAP Keys Compliant?

Contact Paul Bielat, HFMA’s MAP Team Leader, at 877.720.4MAP (4627) or pbielat@hfma.org.