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Fiscal Strategy in an Era of Reform

Hospitals should develop strategies around four forces that will affect their financial performance in the next five to 10 years.

By David Young

Web Extra: View exhibits detailing estimates of the Medicare Part A Trust Fund balance before and after the Affordable Care Act was enacted as well as variations in Medicare spending for 90-day episodes of congestive heart failure.



SCOTUS and The Voters Have Spoken: Where do we go from here?

With the future of the Affordable Care Act more certain, hospitals and health systems should focus on initiatives that improve the patient experience, enhance population health, and reduce healthcare costs.

By J. Stuart Showalter

 Web Extra:Learn how states are responding to Medicaid expansion and their decisions regarding the development of health insurance exchanges.    

hfm Q & A - Jeffrey C. Brenner, MD: On Driving Down the Cost of Care

Learn how the Camden Coalition uses data to improve the city’s healthcare delivery system.


Financing Your Strategic Plan: Finding the Right Tool for the Right Job

 New facilities, new IT, and physician integration are three key goals requiring different approaches to financing.

By Aaron Becker, Steven Kennedy,Dan Mandy, Peter Pavarini


Community Benefit: Beyond Health Fairs and Form 990

A commitment to delivering community benefit will be a critical strategic ingredient in ensuring a hospital’s financial success in the emerging healthcare reform environment. 

By Marty Martin

Web Extra:Not-for-profit hospitals should approach the CHNA requirements in a way that not only meets the IRS’s compliance requirements but also seeks to enhance the health of the communities that they serve.  

What You Should Know About Restrictive Covenants in Health Care 

Finance leaders should understand restrictive covenants and be prepared for their increasing role in protecting their organizations’ competitive edge in a competitive healthcare environment. 

By Michael Austin, Matthew Grosack


Preparing for ICD-10: A System's Opportunity to Integrate

Strong leadership and strategic planning are helping hospital executives at UW Medicine prepare for new coding requirements under ICD-10—while enhancing integration across their system. 

By Sarah Lucas

Web Extra :Program milestones for the ICD-10 Program at UW Medicine provide clear direction and transition points to ensure everyone is progressing together.  

Focus Areas 


Preparing for ACA-Driven Medicare Cuts

To prepare for Medicare payment cuts, hospitals may opt to limit Medicare volume, reduce people expenses, improve operational efficiency, and follow the government’s road map for success. 

By Ken Perez



Population Health Management: A "Start Small"  Strategy

Catholic Health Initiatives is piloting population health management for for its employees and their families and anticipates reducing employee healthcare costs by 10 to 14 percent. 

By Kathleen Sanford


Physician Relations

The Risks and Rewards of Setting Physician Compensation Internally

In setting physician compensation, health systems should take clear steps to demonstrate a commitment to compliance with the standard or fair-market-value . 

By Jen Johnson

Web Extra: A compensation calculator can allow a hospital to consider multiple valuation approaches and show that a consistent compensation methodology has been applied across an organization.  


From the Chair

Be It Resolved...

HFMA Chair Ralph Lawson shares six strategies that are essential for ensuring long-term financial viability and creating value. 

By Ralph Lawson, FHFMA, CPA


From the President

The Virtues of Curiosity

If we can regard our evolving healthcare delivery system with a healthy curiosity, that will go a long way toward overcoming apprehension about an uncertain future and resistance to change.
By Joseph Fifer, FHFMA, CPA


From the Editor

Micro and Macro

A routine outpatient procedure provides a microcosm of our healthcare system’s challenges and opportunities. 

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Medicaid Expansions - Will they or Won't They?

It is not yet known how many states will participate in the expanded Medicaid program, but initial estimates indicated that as many as half of the newly insured will come from Medicaid expansions.  

By Gail Wilensky


Healthcare Value

The Rising Transparency Tide

Greater transparency of healthcare price and quality information is a rising tide, but it will not lift all boats.

By James Landman


Healthcare Reform

Addressing Healthcare Complexity

Over the years, analogies to various manufacturing and service industries have highlighted opportunities to improve the quality, outcomes, and costs of health service delivery.

By William Weeks, Eric Wadsworth


Capital Finance

Winds of Change

Investment portfolios of many healthcare organizations look dramatically different today from a decade ago, especially allocation of assets.
By William Jarvis


5 Ways To...

5 Ways to Reduce Risk Related to Personal Health Information

To mitigate liability associated with noncompliance with HIPAA and the HITECH Act, healthcare providers should take five steps to assess these risks.

By Rachel Rose


Data Trends

Solving the Rural Healthcare Revenue Conundrum



Member Spotlight: At Home on the Range

Publication Date: Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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