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Healthcare IT will play a critical role in helping providers capture data and transfer knowledge from every patient interaction—the basis for higher—quality care at reduced cost.
By John Glaser, J. Marc Overhage


Healthcare organizations should consider total cost of ownership, not just initial cost of acquisition and annual maintenance, when reviewing electronic health record (EHR) system bids.
By Steven Eastaugh
For a hypothetical and typical health system, deciding how to become fully capable of operating  under value-based purchasing in five years is an intricate - and critical-undertaking.
By Keith Moore, Katie Eyestone, Dean Coddington
There are 10 challenges hospitals and health systems should consider as they budget resources for ICD-10 and prepare for the financial impact of implementation.
By Lucy Mancini, Joseph DeSilva
Although the term may be unfamiliar, data governance is a longstanding obligation of the healthcare industry.
By Mary Reeves, Rita Bowen
Hospitals can gain a competitive edge by responding strategically to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices in health care, with security being an intrinsic part of their strategy.
By Hays Green
An ACO's ability to manage risks related to value-based payment depends on how well it can account for costs and whethe it can apply predictive analytics to analyze clinical and financial outcomes.
By Harry Greenspun, William Bercik
Information object-level controls have the potential to better protect  hospitals from data breaches that by building security precautions into the information itself.
By Dan Kruger, Tim Anschutz

Web Extra: Learn the limitations of cloud computing in protecting information recorded by hospitals and health systems.


Focus Areas

By identifying and applying advanced revenue cycle analytics, healthcare providers can free up cash, find new revenues without harming core services, and improve productivity, profitability and patient care.
By Pieter Schouten
Changing financial pressures have healthcare providers increasingly seeking that perfect-fit business intelligence solution—a dream that is deciding whether to go with a broader tool set or one with application-specific functionality.
By Joe Van DeGraaff, Austin Cameron

Beyond Compliance: Consolidating Unclaimed Property Analysis and Reporting

Every healthcare organization should consolidate unclaimed property analysis and reporting to reduce compliance risk and generate savings.

By Eric Boggs, Cory Herendeen, Jim Wiseman



From the Chair

Getting It Right

HFMA Chair Ralph Lawson shares his perspective on success with EHRs, which in his view, depends on our ability to take action on the information our IT systems provide.

By Ralph Lawson, FHFMA, CPA


From the President

Time to Speak Up

Healthcare finance professionals to make their voices heard in sharing their knowledge of what it takes to drive value in the U.S. healthcare system.

By Joseph Fifer, FHFMA, CPA


From the Editor

Learning to Change

The dimension fo change in healthcare—for individuals, organizations and the system as a whole—requires that we apply the analytics necessary to transform data into information.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Tiptoeing Toward Aligned Incentives

The final 2013 physician fee schedule sets in motion a long march toward aligning physician and hospital incentives in the Medicare program.

By Chad Mulvany


Healthcare Value

A Conversation with My Mother on Healthcare Value

Healthcare organizations should capitalize on accomplishments by promoting them to staff, physicians, and the community.

By John Byrnes


Inside IT

Electronic Remissions: What's the Holdup?

Healthcare is poised to take the next step toward widespread electronic remittance and payment acceptance.

By Tom Dean


5 Ways To...

5 Ways to Improve Managed Care Recovery

There are five steps hospitals should take to protect managed care revenue.

By Megan Iemma


Data Trends

Hospital Admissions Decline for All but Major Teaching Facilities



Member Spotlight: Dog Show Devotee


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