Chicago - March 8, 2012 - The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) today announced that, following rigorous review, Firstsource Solutions USA (Firstsource) has once again consistently met the "Peer Reviewed by HFMA®" standard. HFMA reviewed a suite of healthcare revenue cycle solution services from Firstsource as part of the annual evaluation process to maintain the "Peer Reviewed by HFMA®" for MedAssist® Eligibility Services, Receivables Management Services, Healthcare Collection Services and the Medical Advantage Plan (MAP™).

Firstsource developed these services as solutions to the growing population of uninsured patients in America. Firstsource's Peer Reviewed services assist patients and help hospitals improve cash flow, maximize reimbursement and reduce bad debt.

"For the fifth consecutive year, Firstsource is honored that our products are recognized as Peer Reviewed by HFMA®," said Thomas J. Watters, President, Global Healthcare Solutions and CEO, North America. "The Peer Reviewed designation is a recognition based on the stringent process and high standards set by HFMA. We have great respect for HFMA due to the informational, educational and networking benefits HFMA provides to its members."

The Peer Review Process validates the accuracy, effectiveness, quality and value of products and services that are used in the healthcare finance workplace. The goal of the rigorous 11-step review is to identify products and services that deliver organizational savings and performance improvement which enhance HFMA members' day-to-day business interactions and careers.

"For years HFMA members have asked us to identify viable healthcare finance resources and to filter some of the noise in the market place," says HFMA President and CEO Richard L. Clarke, FHFMA. "We see the HFMA Peer Review process as a powerful opportunity to do just that."

Criteria for a product or service to display the HFMA Peer Review mark include high survey scores for:
• Enhanced productivity for the individual user and for the customer's organization
• Ease of installation and use
• Accuracy and reliability
• Good value for the price
• Excellent technical support and customer service
• An overall positive rating from reviewers based on a quantitative scale 

About HFMA

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) provides the resources healthcare organizations need to achieve sound fiscal health in order to provide excellent patient care. With more than 37,000 members, HFMA is the nation's leading membership organization of healthcare finance executives and leaders. HFMA helps its members achieve results by providing education, analysis, and guidance, and creating practical tools and solutions that optimize financial management. The organization is a respected and innovative thought leader on top trends and challenges facing the healthcare finance industry. From addressing capital access to improved patient care to technology advancement, HFMA is an indispensable resource on healthcare finance issues.


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About Firstsource

Firstsource Solutions USA is a premier provider of business process outsourcing solutions. Firstsource provides healthcare clients with both individual and comprehensive solutions designed to fulfill their business needs with integrated business process outsourcing services that assure smooth flow and performance excellence from every aspect. Recognized as an industry leader in delivering the operational excellence and innovative solutions required for success, Firstsource Solutions USA's proven operational strategy and comprehensive suite of innovative, technology-driven solutions are designed to improve cash flow, maximize reimbursement, reduce bad debt and create value for healthcare providers nationwide. 


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