Each year at the Fall Presidents meetings, chapter leaders bring us questions on a wide variety of topics. Some questions we can answer on the spot, some spur action within the Regional Executive Council, and some we bring back to various departments within HFMA to get definitive answers. Over the next few months we will feature questions from the FPMs. This month we address membership marketing questions.

Q: Is HFMA hosting a service project at the 2013 ANI?
A: As a matter of fact, we are! Check out “ HFMA 2013 Philanthropy Project” in this month’s issue

Q: Will HFMA consider group memberships? If not, what is the rationale?
: HFMA is continuously looking to develop both the recruitment of new members and the retention of our current members. Considering that this is a down economy, when many associations are reporting decreased membership, we are pleased that we have been able to grow our membership. We believe that there is great value in our membership. Any decision to change how memberships are retained by consumers is decided upon by the HFMA Board of Directors.

Q: How is HFMA marketing the value of membership to large systems?
A: HFMA’s recent efforts to the large systems have been focused on getting their Senior Financial Executives engaged with our association. We have found that getting Senior Financial Executives engaged with the association has proved to be successful.  This segment of our membership is vital due to the fact that they have a great influence within their organizations for both new and retained memberships. It is not always the monetary commitment we are looking for from these members, but instead the opportunity to engage them within HFMA.

Q: How does HFMA market to CFO’s?
A: When recruiting C-Suite and Senior Financial Executives, it is crucial to engage them with HFMA. As a result, our Senior Financial Executive members are most likely to retain their membership, and they also influence new and retained memberships of others in their organization.

Q: How is HFMA leveraging the hospital/physician practice affiliations to grow membership?
A: HFMA is committed to helping hospitals and health systems achieve the best financial performance possible for their physician practices. We have many resources, tools, and solutions that have been recently developed by and for healthcare finance professionals to assist physicians, finance leaders, and other executives in working together.

Q: How does HFMA plan to address the loss of management positions due to consolidations and resultant loss of HFMA’s membership pool?
A: Even with the consolidations that have occurred in our industry, we have seen our members remain loyal to HFMA. Many members want to keep their ties to HFMA, even in situations of job loss, because their affiliation with the association may actually assist them in securing another position in the healthcare finance industry.