Looking for speakers for your chapter education program?

Speaker resources are available through HFMA’s Peer Reviewed® program. Experts from select companies use educational case studies to showcase how a provider improved processes and outcomes, in part, by using a Peer Reviewed product or service. Similar sessions at ANI and MAP Event have proven popular among conference attendees because of the session format—real-world application backed by measurable results.

Every product labeled Peer Reviewed has been through HFMA’s rigorous eleven-step review process.  HFMA staff and a panel of healthcare professionals review them. They check with current customers to see if they’re satisfied. They talk to people who decided not to buy, to find out why. They evaluate and measure effectiveness, quality and usability, accuracy and reliability, value, and customer service and technical support. Only those that are rated superior get to use the label Peer Reviewed.

A complete list of Peer Reviewed speakers is available for your use in the Speakers section on the Program Chair Toolkit. Just click on the link to the Peer Reviewed Speaker Resources. Areas of expertise, presentation style, and contact information can be found in each listing. For more information on the products and services available through the program, please visit the Peer Review website.

Publication Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013