April 23, 2013 – The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) today announced that Avadyne Health’s Revenue Cycle Platform is now recognized as part of HFMA’s MAP Keys Compliant Program. The Revenue Cycle Platform is the first workflow technology validated by HFMA for extracting data that is consistent with HFMA’s MAP Keys – the industry’s standard revenue cycle metrics.

The Avadyne Revenue Cycle Platform utilizes a single-platform approach to foster seamless communications throughout revenue cycle functions and departments. The platform’s data management engine calculates and extracts MAP Keys Compliant data from many sources, so multiple facilities or systems can be combined into a single revenue cycle workflow. 

“Our team is excited that HFMA recognized our platform as the industry’s first workflow technology to be MAP Keys Compliant,” says Tyson McDowell, President, Avadyne Health. “Providers will benefit from identifying specific MAP Keys Compliant data elements from our workflow platform – the necessary factors for making objective, peer-to-peer comparisons using HFMA’s MAP App.” MAP App is the industry’s premier web-based application used by nearly 400 facilities to track data and improve performance throughout the revenue cycle. 

Once Avadyne Health submitted its Revenue Cycle Platform for MAP Keys Compliant consideration, HFMA rigorously scrutinized the source data-capture, extraction, and reporting capabilities of the technology. HFMA then identified which specific data elements – and related MAP Keys – the Avadyne workflow platform provides. 

“Avadyne’s platform went through the same intense scrutiny we place on every information technology product submitted for MAP Keys Compliant consideration,” says Paul Bielat, Vice President, Product Development, HFMA. “Clearly, Avadyne’s product is a reliable source of data in relation to HFMA’s MAP Keys industry-standard benchmarking metrics and we’re honored to recognize Avadyne’s efforts.”

Launched by HFMA in 2012, the MAP Keys Compliant Program helps providers identify information technology products that capture data needed to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track, compare, and improve performance. HFMA’s revenue cycle KPIs, called MAP Keys, are industry-standard indicators of revenue cycle excellence designed to help healthcare finance professionals improve business intelligence, strengthen revenue cycle management, and decide where to focus for improvement. 

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About Avandyne Health

Avadyne Health is a revenue cycle workflow technology and outsourced services firm serving more than 200 hospitals in 30 states. Avadyne services include self-pay follow-up, A/R and denial follow-up, and collection of post write-off accounts. Avadyne technology offerings include denials, A/R, and patient access workflow, along with complete dashboards and reports. Avadyne leads the industry in self-pay innovation with its Total Patient Experience approach, and in technology with its Next-in-Queue workflow. Client teams use Avadyne’s workpooling technology to maximize patient access and business office outcomes. The Avadyne team works on the same technology, so the firm can continuously adapt to meet client goals and challenges, and workloads, either in a fully outsourced capacity or as a “SafetyNet” for clients. avadynehealth.com

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Publication Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013