Back-to-back year-ends can be a little confusing—even we need a cheat sheet for the DCMS vs. Fiscal/Chapter year-ends.

April 30: DCMS Year-End

The 2012-13 DCMS year ends April 30. That means it's the last day to complete any of the following requirements to count towards you 2012-13 goals:

  • New members
  • Certification exams
  • Certified members
  • Education hours
  • Newsletters

Anything accomplished after April 30 will count towards your chapter's 2013-14 goals.

Note: Although education programs and newsletters must be produced by April 30, chapters have until May 10 to report and still maintain their on-time reporting points.

May 31: Fiscal and Chapter Year-End

The 2012-13 chapter leaders turn over the reins to the new officers and board of directors on June 1. This means that any voting matters before May 31 must go before the 2013-14 board. Some chapters have their officer installation before May 31. There is nothing that prevents your chapter from doing this as long as you recognize that this is a ceremonial installation and that legally the 2013-14 officers and directors do not have voting authority until June 1.

Similarly, the 2013-14 HFMA Officers and Board of Directors and the Regional Executive Council don't assume their responsibilities until June 1.

So presidents should hang on to that gavel until June 1.

Why Two Year-Ends?

The staggered year-ends allows us to crunch the numbers and prepare awards in time for the Annual Chapter Presidents Dinner Meeting and Awards at ANI. This year's Chapter Presidents Dinner is June 18. Chapter presidents received an email on April 29 with instructions on how to RSVP for their leadership team who will be in attendance at the dinner.


Publication Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013