I’ve been inspired by a number of important people throughout my life. 


Sometimes I’ve been inspired by specific instances of courage or heroism, and sometimes by a person’s remarkable attitude that allowed him or her to accomplish astounding things or overcome huge obstacles. From people in my personal life—like my father and daughters—who have shown resilience during incredible hardships to my colleagues who inspire me daily to make a positive impact in the workplace, I’ve been able to find inspiration in many different places. As I tried to formulate the theme for my tenure as Chair of HFMA, I thought about these people who inspire me. In the end, I decided that it was their “Whatever It Takes” attitude that best describes the mindset I believe healthcare professionals will need to meet the difficult challenges in the year to come. 

Everyone knows the difficult transition that the healthcare industry faces. The Affordable Care Act, changing payment models, and the alignment of hospitals, physicians, and payers stand ready to make 2013 and 2014 years of unprecedented change. On the finance side, making the adjustments needed to navigate this environment will be demanding and tough. However, I believe that by drawing on our collective resolve to meet these challenges, we will be able to thrive despite the difficult circumstances and, more important, become the leaders who will take the industry where it needs to go.

I’ve been a member of HFMA since 1985, and I’ve been involved with the National Association since 2004. I’ve seen our members rise to meet big challenges before. We will surely be called upon to do so again in the coming year. In many ways, the work has already begun. 

In recent days, to address increasing alignment in the marketplace, HFMA has added physicians and payer representatives to its board of directors. Our ongoing Value Project research is identifying real-world best practices from hospitals and health systems that are achieving stability and growth in a changing industry environment. HFMA remains committed to giving members the tools they need to drive change and make things happen—for themselves and for their organizations. 

As I write this, HFMA is also doing “Whatever it Takes” to get ready for an exciting ANI 2013 in Orlando, where I hope you will join us. In addition to featured speakers and unique surprises, I will be using the opportunity to tell you more about my theme and what exactly it will mean in the year going forward. 

We all know healthcare finance leaders are living through some turbulent times for our industry. There’s no question that this period will be remembered as one of intense change and challenge in health care. I believe that HFMA members have the passion, talent, and unique perspective on the issues to drive the industry in the direction it needs to go, as long as we are willing to do “Whatever It Takes.”

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