A New Report from the PATIENT FRIENDLY BILLING® Project

In today's challenging economic and regulatory environment, a high-performing revenue cycle is more important than ever.

But what are the characteristics of revenue cycle high performers?

A group of researchers from the Patient Friendly Billing project recently set out to find the answer. Their findings reveal some important commonalities:

  • High performers have an organizational culture that elevates the importance of the revenue cycle.
  • High performers target those elements of the revenue cycle most crucial to their success, given their particular circumstances.
  • High performers accelerate improvements. They are good at setting goals, but also excel at taking action and executing strategies to achieve these goals.

Key Areas of Competency

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High-performance revenue cycle strategies were found in settings urban and rural, large and small. Researchers tied high performers' success in executing these strategies to competencies in six key areas. They also identified key roles that executives and revenue cycle leaders can play in delivering high performance.

To view their findings, as well as case studies and tools from high-performing hospitals, simply click on the links below:

Additional Information

Learn more about this report, including the survey and selection process that identified the featured high-performing hospitals, and about the Patient Friendly Billing project.

The Strategies for a High-Performance Revenue Cycle report is part of the Standards of Excellence phase of the Patient Friendly Billing project. Learn more about the sponsors and supporting organizations of the Standards of Excellence phase.