Patient Friendly Billing e-Bulletin provides practical strategies for improving patient financial communications and creating a more patient-friendly revenue cycle. This e-bulletin helps identify business opportunities in the consumerism movement.

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Two Health Systems Use Financial Communications Training to Better Assist Patients
Gundersen Health System and AtlantiCare beefed up their patient access staff training programs to help patients navigate financial responsibilities and insurance coverage options.

Sidebar: Consumer Guide Helps Educate Patients
This guide helps patients understand where to get answers to their questions about healthcare prices, compare prices among providers, and manage their out-of-pocket costs.

8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Billing and Collections Can Protect Your Bottom Line
Simplified Solutions from Our Sponsor
Offloading some of the administrative burden of the billing and collection process can leave more staff time to focus on patient satisfaction and activities that need to remain in-house.

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Publication Date: Monday, November 17, 2014