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June_hfm_coverA Statewide Partnership for Reducing Readmissions

In Illinois, major stakeholders are collaborating to reduce the state’s high rate of readmissions, with the goal of achieving upper-quartile performance on readmissions.

By James H. Landman

Web Extra: Read this web extra to “A Statewide Partnership for Reducing Readmissions” by James H. Landman, JD, PhD

Special Section: Chair Profile

Whatever It Takes

A profile of HFMA Chair Steven P. Rose, FHFMA, CPA, provides insight into his views on leadership and his vision for HFMA and the healthcare industry as reflected in his theme, “whatever it takes.”


Michael McGinnis: On Achieving Best Care at Lower Cost

The Institute of Medicine's Dr. Michael McGinnis offers a perspective on the nation's progress in achieving the best health care at lower cost.


Driving Out Waste: A Framework to Enhance Value in Clinical Care

Many providers are seeking to improve the value of care by implementing standardized clinical practice guidelines aimed at reducing variations in care, avoiding complications, and lowering costs. 

By David A. Burton

Web Extra: Read this web extra to "Driving Out Waste: A Framework to Enhance Value in Clinical Care" by David A. Burton, MD


Value 101: The Basics of Clinical Transformation

Bon Secours Virginia Health System developed an intensive seven-hour course for finance professionals on value.

By Melinda S. Hancock


Reducing Pharmacy Costs Through Improved Utilization

By identifying unnecessary spend and changing expensive clinical practice patterns, a four-hospital system achieved nearly $2 million in pharmacy cost savings.

By Cinda Bates, Barton S. Richards


4 Strategies for Achieving Reform-Ready IT

Healthcare executives face an escalating demand under healthcare reform to extract the greatest possible value from their organizations’ IT resources.

By Joseph Freudenberger, Larry Schunder, Walter Reid


Closing the ICD-10 Revenue Gap

By improving clinical documentation, successful adoption of ICD-10 can enhance a healthcare organization’s quality scores and revenues.

By Kimberly Janet Carr 


5 Strategies for Improving Performance of Academic Medical Centers

Academic medical centers should research and embrace new approaches to financing, operations, and governance to become more cost efficient and profitable in an era of reform.

By Robert M. Valleta, Alicia Harkness 

Focus Areas


Part A to Part B Rebilling: Understanding the Rules in a Changing Environment  

A CMS ruling allows hospitals that have been denied payment for Medicare Part A services to submit claims to Part B for some of these services, but a CMS proposed rule could remove that option.
By Mark Polston



Bringing the Right Players to the Table

Finance and clinical leaders should ensure that the appropriate stakeholders are part of planning the “how” of change.

By Kathleen D. Sandford


Physician Relations

Boosting the Bottom Line of Physician Networks

Hospital leaders whose organizations employ physician practices should take specific steps to minimize losses of those practices.

By Greg Mertz 

Web Extra: Read this web extra to "Boosting the Bottom Line of Physician Networks" by Greg Mertz, FACMPE


From the Chair

Doing Whatever It Takes

Steve Rose shares some thoughts on his theme for the 2013-2014 year and his chairmanship.

By Steven P. Rose, FHFMA, CPA


From the President

An Exciting Time for Performance Improvement

Joe shares his throughts on performance improvement as part of the DNA of finance professionals

By Joseph J. Fifer


From the Editor

Getting Invested

As healthcare providers take on the challenge of making major improvements to quality and efficiency, the level of investment will make the difference between modest change and breakthrough results.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Catch-22: When Integrated Care Meets Reduced Payment

MedPAC is calling for reduced payment to provider-based physicians for select outpatient services, even as value-based payment demands tighter clinical integration to improve outcomes and efficiency.

By Chad Mulvany


Business Intelligence

ACOs: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

There are substantial differences between the gatekeepers of early HMOs and patient-centered medical homes —and, more broadly, between ACOs and managed care.

By Keith D. Moore, Katie Eyestone, Dean C. Coddington


Healthcare Value

Communicating a Value Proposition

Healthcare organizations are challenged today to find effective ways to communicate their quality performance to various stakeholders, including employers, health plans, and their communities.

By John Byrnes


5 Ways To... 

CALL TO ACTION: 5 Ways to Develop a Path to Pricing Transparency

A pricing system should be simple to administer and communicate, should help patients take charge of healthcare purchasing decisions, and should gain consumers’ trust as they seek to compare prices.


Data Trends

Hospitals are Controlling Major Costs



Member Spotlight: Raising Rebel


Executive Interview

Jeff Rich:Reducing Costs to Patients and the Environment