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Strategic Partnerships

Before Advancing to Go: New Approaches to Gauge Antitrust Scrutiny in Hospital M&As

By Jason C. Lineen

While there is no single litmus test to perfectly predict the level of antitrust scrutiny that a potential transaction will face, hospitals can run analytical screens that are similar to those used by the FTC.

Eight Factors to Consider when Aligning with a Home Health Agency

By Nicholas Newsad and Jason L. Ruchaber

Before aligning their organizations with a home health agency through acquisitions or joint ventures, healthcare finance leaders should consider a variety of financial, strategic, and operational factors.

Facility Planning

The Shift from Cost of Space to Cost of Occupancy

By Scot Latimer

Progressive organizations are fundamentally shifting the way they look at space. For them, it’s no longer just about debt service or lease payments. Instead, it’s about determining the true cost of occupancy for a facility.

Data Metrics & Analysis

Traits of Higher-Paid Hospitals

By James Cleverley

High-payment hospitals enjoy a 3-to-1 advantage in average market share over low-payment facilities. This position in the market has enabled hospitals to demand higher levels of payment.  

Capital Finance

Premium Bonds: Not Always What Is Advertised

By Chris Rea and Pierre Bogacz

The yield on premium bonds often ends up higher than advertised, which can come as a surprise to many hospitals. The root of the problem is an industry convention that is intended to put investors first.

Capital Challenge

Financing a Replacement Hospital: It Takes a Community 

By Quintin Harris

Here’s how one Midwest critical access hospital met the capital challenge to build a state-of-the-art medical facility.

The Long View

Increase Hiring or Invest in Technology? 

A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer

Healthcare strategic financial planners should be using their power of the purse to compel investments in technology that have proven to make workers more efficient and effective—liberating resources for more productive use in the process.

Growth Opportunities

Outpatient Care Re-Imagined at New York-Presbyterian

By Laura Ramos Hegwer

With its new ambulatory care approach, New York-Presbyterian hopes to increase outpatient volumes, free up inpatient and outpatient capacity, and improve efficiency. 

Web Extra

New York-Presbyterian’s Endoscopy Flow: Before and After Value Stream Mapping

By mapping endoscopy patient flow, New York-Presbyterian Hospital identified 10 unnecessary steps to eliminate. 

Service Line Planning

From Silos to Synergy: Baylor Sees Benefits

By Arthur C. Sturm, Jr. 

Baylor’s journey to building a synergistic approach to service line planning began in 2010 when the health system assigned operational leaders to its leading service lines.

IT Planning

Expandable Storage Answers Big Data Needs

An interview with Wendell Pinegar

To accommodate its growing data storage needs, St. Dominic Hospital adopted a new flexible, expandable infrastructure approach called scale-out network-attached storage.

Finance at a Glance

Are Cost Estimates Leading to the Wrong Decisions in U.S. Hospitals?

On average, 300-bed hospitals using cost-to-charge ratios overestimate the profitability of orthopedic surgery by $1.2 million a year. 

Publication Date: Thursday, May 30, 2013