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Cover Story

Improving Revenues in the Emergency Department

By Mike Kovar

By adopting a revenue cycle performance improvement approach for emergency department services, hospitals can uncover significant opportunities to improve net revenue.

Billing and Collections

Online Bill Pay: The Login Versus No-Login Debate

By Brian W. Kueppers

Patients submit payment more quickly when they can bypass login requirements for online payment. But is that benefit offset by other portal features that drive revenue cycle efficiency when patients are required to log in? 

At a Glance

Leveraging Data to Inform Patient Collections  

By Dan Buell

Effective revenue cycle management requires the ability to leverage data and analytics to inform billing and collections, using successful practices.

By the Numbers

How Cost Sharing Has Evolved

While both employer and employee healthcare costs increased in 2013, a larger portion of the shared increase was borne by the employee, primarily through the payroll deduction.

Coding Q & A

How to Choose ICD-10 Training for Coders

By Kim Felix

Learn how to choose ICD-10 training that can deliver the best organizational ROI.

Figures at a Glance

Payer Deductions from Submitted Hospital Charges

Payer deductions as a percentage of hospital charges submitted to payers increased in 2012 across all hospital classes and payers but the gap between government and commercial payers remains large.

Publication Date: Wednesday, June 05, 2013