Q. What does the MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle award recognize?
A. HFMA’s MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle recognizes hospitals, health systems, and physician practices whose innovative and effective strategies have enabled them to achieve excellence in revenue cycle performance. Winners excel in meeting industry standard revenue cycle benchmarks (MAP Keys), implementing the patient-centered recommendations and best practices embodied in HFMA’s Healthcare Dollars & Sense initiatives, and achieving outstanding patient satisfaction. Award recipients are acknowledged as industry leaders and share proven strategies with HFMA members and other professionals.

Q. How will HFMA determine the winners of these awards?
A. Winners are determined through analysis of MAP Keys metrics (KPIs), narrative questions, additional materials required during the application process, and selected finalist interviews.

Q. Where did the winner criteria come from?
A. Winners must meet or exceed performance levels based on defined, comparable revenue cycle metrics that have been widely recognized throughout the industry for completeness, validity, relevancy, and ability to support performance conclusions. The metrics used have been identified through HFMA’s KPI Task Force and have been vetted by HFMA’s National Board of Directors and National Advisory Counsels. Winners also must display through narrative response a commitment to the pursuit of evidence-based and innovative revenue cycle strategies, including elevating the quality of financial interactions with patients.

Q. Who is eligible to apply for the MAP Awards?
A. All acute care hospitals are eligible to apply for the High Performance individual or system awards, as appropriate. All physician practices regardless of affiliation or ownership may apply for the physician practice High Performance award. Your organization does not need to be a MAP App subscriber to apply.

Q. Do I have to be an HFMA member to apply?
A. To be eligible, an executive leader in your organization must be a member of HFMA.

Q. How do I access the application?
A. Links to the applications can be found at hfma.org/mapawards when the online application system is open. You will be asked to log into your HFMA account to access the application. If you are not a member of HFMA, you can create an account by selecting the create an account link on the HFMA Login page. Once logged in, you will be able to access additional information about the application and submission process.

Q. Is there one application?
A. No. Separate applications have been created for individual hospitals, hospital systems, and physician practices. Links to the applications can be found at hfma.org/mapawards when the online application system is open.

Q. Who chooses the winners?

A. The HFMA Review Committee, comprised of HFMA staff and industry leaders and experts in the revenue cycle, determine the winners.

Q. What is the deadline for completing the application?
A. Applications for the 2015 MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle are closed. Applications for the 2016 award will be made available in the fall of 2015.

Q: What if I can’t complete the application in one sitting?
A. The online application allows you to create a profile and auto-saves your work so you can complete the application at your own pace. Applications can also be downloaded in a printer-friendly PDF format. To ensure financial accuracy, applicants will be required to download the Metric Submission Checklist which helps validate each required metric prior to application submission.

Q: Does the application allow for attachments?
A. Yes, the application allows you to attach supporting documentation and manage those attachments so retrieving, deleting, updating, and verifying that the attachments are included in the application is easier than ever.

Q. Do I calculate the metric for each MAP Key?
A. No. Applicants submit the numerator and denominator for each metric and the application will calculate the actual metric. You will be able to view the estimated metric before final submission to verify your data.

Q. How will the winners be notified?
A. Winners of the MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle will be notified by telephone and are recognized at HFMA’s Annual National Institute in June 2015.

Q. Where do I turn for application assistance or general questions?
A. Should you have additional questions about the awards or the application process, please send an e-mail to mapawards@hfma.org.