Congratulations to the newest Chapter Life members who were approved at the June HFMA Board of Directors meeting.

C. Patrick Lash, FHFMA, CPA

San Diego-Imperial Chapter

Dennis P. Scanlon, CPA

Maryland Chapter

Robert J. Scofield, Jr., CPA

South Texas Chapter

Lynwood R. White, FHFMA, CPA

North Carolina Chapter

Chapter Life Membership may be conferred upon a retired member in recognition of outstanding chapter accomplishments.

Does your chapter have a retired member who has made significant contributions to your chapter? Nominate him or her for Chapter Life Membership—here's how.

Start early 

It's not difficult, but it will take several months from start to finish and you will need the approval of your chapter's Board of Directors, the Regional Executive Council, and the HFMA Board of Directors.

Know the requirements 

To initiate the process, a member must be a retired member in good standing. The Chapter's Board of Directors must act to recommend conferral of Chapter Life Membership on the retired member. Once the Board recommends the member, the Chapter President should write a letter to the Director, Member Service Center:

  • Confirming chapter board action;
  • Explaining, based on the individual's biographical information, why the chapter is recommending Chapter Life Membership;
  • Enclosing a chapter check for $175 covering five years of retired dues ($35 per year); and
  • Recommending that HFMA's Board of Directors approve the conferral of Chapter Life Membership.

Mail the Chapter Life Membership request with the check letter at least six weeks prior to a meeting of the HFMA Board of Directors. Send the request to:

3 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 600
Attn: Director, Member Service Center
Westchester, IL 60154

Since the recommendation must be approved by the Regional Executive Council and the HFMA Board of Directors, the completed request must be received at least six weeks prior to a meeting of the HFMA Board of Directors in order to be placed on the Board agenda.

If the HFMA Board approves the recommendation, Chapter Relations will notify the chapter president and mail him or her a signed Chapter Life Member certificate for presentation. A Chapter Life Member is exempt from all further dues.

2013–14 deadlines 

To be placed on the Board of Directors meeting agenda Chapter Life recommendations must be received by:

  • Oct. 4 for the November Board meeting
  • March 21 for the April Board meeting
  • May 23 for the June Board meeting

Publication Date: Friday, June 28, 2013