At its June 16 meeting, the Regional Executive Council established the 2013-14 numerical standards for chapter awards (see chart below). The Council also voted to align the chapter balanced scorecard (CBSC) with the national balanced scorecard by adjusting the education goal to the lesser of 0.5% growth over last year or 16.1 education hours/member. Historically the national balanced scorecard metrics are set at the second highest performance level attained in the last five years. For the 2011-12 DCMS year, the hours per member were 16.1; for 2012-13, the hours were 17.2.

The awards standards established by the Regional Executive Council are based on past years' performance data for all chapters as well as HFMA National Board-approved Balanced Scorecard goals (see information in the 2013-14 Chapter Planning Calendar and Resource Guide for details of the DCMS policy).

The Davis Chapter Management System (DCMS) offers several opportunities to recognize exceptional chapter activities and accomplishments. They are:

Chapter Award Levels

The council discussed the award levels and voted to set the award levels as follows 

Awards of Excellence






>= 16.1
(hours per member)

>= 18
(hours per member)

> =20.1
(hours per member)

> =26.3
(hours per member)

Membership Growth and Retention

>= 0.5% above
the CBSC goal

>= 1.5% above
the CBSC goal

>= 2.5% above
the CBSC goal



>= 1 plus the chapter's 3-year average of passed exams

The greater of the chapter's 3-year average of passed exams plus 0.25% of the chapter's May 1 start count


1 plus the chapter's bronze award level

The greater of the chapter's 3-year average of passed exams plus 0.5% of the chapter's May 1 start count


2 plus the chapter's bronze award level

C. Henry Hottum Award for Educational Performance Improvement

> 6.0% increase in registrant hours

Improved Chapter Performance

>= 40 point increase from prior year's CBSC


Chapter Awards Details

  • Specific performance targets your chapter needs to reach the various award levels are listed on your chapter's DCMS Acknowledgement Report
  • For more information about awards, visit the Chapter Awards and Recognition page:

All 2013-14 chapter award recipients will be announced and recognized at the Annual Chapter Presidents Meeting during the Annual National Institute, June 24, 2014, in Las Vegas.


Publication Date: Friday, June 28, 2013