The end of the first quarter is coming up fast. Unreported events emails have been sent to presidents, program chairs, presidents-elect, and DCMS contacts. The emails list all chapter programs that remain unreported in the PPT after 21 days.

These 21-day reminders are not notification that your chapter is late in reporting events. Reports for first quarter events (May 1-July 31) are not due until Aug. 10, but since best practice is to report events as soon as possible, we want you to be aware so you can maintain your on-time reporting points.

Review your CBSC Progress Report report in July (updated July 10) ahead of the first quarter reporting deadline on Aug. 10, to check whether your chapter has completed its education reports or there are still events unreported. A few simple steps will help you stay on track to retain your on-time reporting points.

  • Check the On-Time Reporting column in the July 10 CBSC Progress Report for the Q1 events. The number is expressed as a ratio of the number of events reported to the number of events scheduled in your PPT. If the first number doesn't equal the second, you have unreported events and should be in contact with whoever has been charged with the task of reporting. Don't forget the newsletter column. Your chapter is required to produce and report one newsletter each quarter.
  • Pull a PPT report (it's in the Chapter Reports and Reporting tools tab under Program Planning Tool) to determine which events are unreported. If an event falls between May 1 and July 31, it must be reported by Aug. 10. If an event was cancelled or postponed, it's easy to go into the PPT to change the event status from Active to Cancelled or Postponed.
  • Request an extension if you can't possibly report by Aug. 10. Contact, before Aug. 10 if you need an extension. Be sure to identify the event and to offer a reasonable date for the reporting extension.
  • Do a quick audit to ensure that all the educational programs your chapter offered have been entered into the PPT. We can't tell that your event is unreported if it isn't in the PPT, but if you enter it and report it after the deadline for the quarter, you will automatically be recorded as reporting late. Events that are often overlooked are regional webinars, mini-LTCs, preconference programs, certification study programs, and limited-involvement participation co-sponsored events.
  • Report your newsletter online. Make sure that the person who is responsible for reporting your chapter newsletter knows that it must be reported using the online Chapter Newsletter Activity form. This is also a good time to ensure that everyone knows who actually is responsible for reporting the newsletter. And don't forget to send us a copy. If you have a very large PDF, ask the company that provided the PDF if they can reduce the file size. (This will also free up space on your website). You can also send us a link your website posting.

If you have questions about DCMS reporting, check the 2013-14 Chapter Planning Calendar and Resource Guide, which was distributed at LTC. You can also print a copy of the guide from the website.

Still have questions? Contact or call (800) 252-4362 and ask to speak to a member of the Chapter Relations Team. We are always happy to help.

Publication Date: Friday, June 28, 2013