Did you know that purchasers can often achieve better deals on cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices with bulk purchases and market share agreements?

However, before committing to a bulk purchase it’s important to ensure that your volume warrants such an agreement. When multiple models are purchased, language needs to be inserted into the agreement allowing for less frequently used models to be exchanged for ones of the same price but with higher usage. Also ensure the agreement states that CRMs are to be delivered on an as-used/needed basis to prevent items from remaining on the shelf for long periods of time.

When looking to enter into a market share agreement, all implanting physicians need to be on board. This guarantees that you will have the products required for your patient population. Also, having the physicians aligned with your purchasing strategies can help with your negotiation leverage.

   Dual Chamber Pacemaker Pricing    
Low High Average
$2,750   $6,700   $4,460   

   Dual Chamber ICD Pricing    
Low High Average
$13,000        $25,500         $16,380        

CRT-D Pricing
Low High Average
$16,000        $30,420         $20,415        

In terms of reimbursements, most CRM procedures have seen an increase this year compared to 2012. In particular, for the inpatient setting, rates for pacemaker revision have increased by 7.659 percent between 2012 and 2013, while a cardiac defibrillator implant with a cardiac cath with MCC saw a small increase of 1.004 percent. For 2014, the CMS’s proposed hospital impatient rules for these two codes are expected to increase even more at 4.26 percent and 12.92 percent, respectively. In general, the outpatient setting has seen reduced reimbursement this year.

Source: MD Buyline

Please note these numbers have been adjusted to exclude special deals, outliers, and unique circumstances.

Publication Date: Monday, July 29, 2013