July 22—As many as 6.4 million uninsured individuals will not be covered by Medicaid if only the states that have currently committed to expansion participate in the program, according to a recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

As of now, 24 states are moving forward with the Medicaid expansion, while 21 states are not and 6 remain undecided, Kaiser indicates.

According to Kaiser, the 21 states that are not expanding Medicaid will forgo $35 billion in federal funds in 2016 and nearly $346 billion over the nine-year period starting in 2013. The six undecided states would forgo more than $15 billion in 2016 and $151 billion overall.

Kaiser suggests that states moving forward with the expansion will see increases in federal funding that will outweigh any potential increases in state expenditures, resulting in positive economic effects for those states.

Publication Date: Monday, July 22, 2013