What a great ANI! But aren’t they all great?


In my Monday morning address at ANI 2013 in Orlando, I introduced my theme of “Whatever It Takes” and spoke about how making the changes necessary to move our industry in the right direction will require the participation of everyone involved. I also attended numerous speeches, workshops, and breakout sessions, and I got to meet personally with many HFMA members to hear what they have been working on and thinking about. 

The speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors help to make ANI great, but it is the attendees who really make it possible. Without your continued support, it just wouldn’t happen. So thank you!

Although it can be draining to serve as Chair of HFMA during ANI—as I certainly found out—it is also energizing. This meeting is a tremendous opportunity for HFMA members to connect with one another and to share best practices, thoughts, concerns, and accomplishments. I think that every attendee garners new information, learns new techniques and practices, and enjoys the experience of connecting with colleagues from similar and varied backgrounds to create new partnerships. 

This year at ANI, there was certainly no shortage of exciting ideas and announcements. Here were my biggest takeaways:

  • HFMA’s Patient Financial Interactions best practices, Price Transparency Task Force, and Medical Debt Collection Task Force will drive improvements industrywide. Input and participation from HFMA members will be crucial to their success.
  • The river moved! Don Berwick’s presentation reminds us that many of the practices in contemporary health care are like a bridge built for a river that is no longer there. To address the challenges in our industry, we will need to build a new bridge. HFMA members will need to lead that effort.
  • Introverts—like me—are contributing and getting out of our comfort zones. Bestselling author Susan Cain’s presentation about the power of introverts—during which she was joined onstage by HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer—explored how healthcare finance professionals who may feel uncomfortable in group situations can break out of their shells and find success in highly visible situations.
  • At the local level, HFMA chapters are doing great things. Again and again, I was impressed with the remarkable efforts of HFMA chapters across the country that contributed greatly to HFMA achieving record membership in the year just completed. Our members are rising to meet the challenges that confront contemporary health care. They are doing so in exciting and innovative ways that continue to inspire me.

In the days after ANI, I’m more excited than ever to put these new tools and resources into action as I return to my job. The lessons from ANI inspire me on a daily basis to improve and innovate across every aspect of health care and healthcare finance. 

ANI was a galvanizing exchange of ideas and a great opportunity to build new bridges and relationships. Now it’s up to us to take what we’ve learned and improve our organizations, the world of healthcare finance, and health care itself—Whatever It Takes!

Publication Date: Thursday, August 01, 2013

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