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Lori Webb, R.T. (R)
Clinical Analyst
MD Buyline

Larry Aubry, RN
ROi – Resource Optimization & Innovation
Mercy Health System

Jamie Dildy, B.S. R.T.
Clinical Analyst
MD Buyline

Sissy Pederson, CRA, RT (R) (M)
Director of Imaging Services
Washington Regional Medical Center


The growth of the medical imaging market—expected to reach more than $35 billion by 2019—has been fueled in large part by significant technological advances. The move from analog to digital has seen the emergence of flat panel technology (FPD) in everything from cardiology systems to portable X-ray equipment. Offering improved image quality, processing time, and dose reduction over its analog predecessors, digital solutions have already begun to revolutionize medical imaging.

However, understanding where this technology is needed most within a department and how to implement this technology in a fiscally responsible way can be daunting. This webinar addresses how to determine when it is cost effective and clinically appropriate to incorporate digital technology. This includes planning for upgrades or system replacement and knowing when to keep analog technology and why. This webinar also takes a deep dive into the current market and available options and presents the clinical and financial advantages of going digital as well as the soft-dollar considerations and benefits to consider.

After This Webinar You’ll Be Able To:

  • Understand the clinical, operational, and financial differences between previous generation and digital technology.
  • Consider the technical and financial factors of replacing or upgrading to FPD technology.
  • Know when it is cost effective and clinically appropriate to keep analog technology and why.
  • Determine which type of panel and system configuration may be right for various scenarios and applications.
  • Recognize soft-dollar benefits of transitioning to FPD.

Tools & Takeaways

Common system configurations and street prices, a break-even calculator, and tips on service contract coverage 

Recommended For:

CFOs, CEOs, quality managers, O.R. directors, imaging technologists, chief nursing officers, directors of purchasing and materials management, and directors and supervisors of medical imaging, cardiology, and radiology. 

Field of Study

Specialized Knowledge and Applications 

Delivery Method

Group Internet 




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Note: This on-demand webinar is available until Oct. 22, 2014.