Aug. 20—Nearly half of the plans on coming health insurance marketplaces (formerly known as exchanges) will feature very restricted provider networks, according to an analysis.

A preliminary analysis of the 955 individual market health plans filed for 13 of the state insurance marketplaces authorized by the Affordable Care Act found 47 percent of them will offer narrow provider networks. The preliminary results of an unpublished McKinsey & Co. analysis, released on Twitter, found 42 percent of the exchange plans will use HMO models and another 5 percent will be similar exclusive provider organization plans.

The analysis examined rate filing submitted in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia, as well as approved exchange plans in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington.The final report is expected to be released in October, according to a McKinsey spokeswoman.

Publication Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013