The final quarter still offers opportunities to capture additional DCMS education hours. Here are six ways to boost your education hours bottom line.

  1. Overlooked hours.

    1. Strategic planning or mini-LTC. Have you entered hours for your chapter's mini-LTC or Strategic Planning meeting? Chapters are allowed to count one mini-LTC or strategic planning meeting per DCMS year.
    2. Certification study sessions. Chapters also overlook hours for certification study. If your chapter has offered a study course, those hours can count for DCMS education.
    3. New member orientations. If your chapter offers new member orientations that are educational, e.g. "The Value of HFMA," you can count this as education hours. Unfortunately, orientations that are purely social in nature, are not eligible for DCMS education hours.
  2. Virtual Conference hours. There is still one month left. Encourage your members to participate in the free online webinars and recordings from the Virtual Conference by Feb. 28. Each member participant can earn up to 28 hours.
  3. Webinars.
    1. HFMA webinars are an easy way to pick up additional hours from your chapter members. CPE credits are given for all live HFMA webinars.
    2. PPT Search. Check out some of the webinars recently offered by other chapters and see if one would be appropriate for your members. You can export a copy of the full PPT (for all chapters) into an Excel spreadsheet and sort for webinars. Contact the host chapters for more  information. You can find the name of the DCMS chair in the Find a Chapter drop-down list on the HFMA home page.
    3. Chapter Leadership Webinars are a great way to cross train your leadership team, so get as many people educated as you can and reap the rewards of additional education time and a knowledgeable team. It's a good practice for effective succession planning.
  4. Vendor education. Our LTC sponsors provide education programs for chapters at no charge to the chapter. Contact Chapter Relations for the names of sponsors who will come to your chapter to speak or may be willing to help you set up a webinar.

  5. MAP Education. Evidence-Based Revenue Cycle Improvement: An HFMA MAP Educational Program is a ready to use education program designed to inspire and instruct attendees to make measurable improvement in their organization's revenue cycle. To obtain this free education program to present at your next chapter event, simply e-mail to request a copy. If you have questions or would like more information about the program, Nancy Smith, HFMA's Chapter Education Coordinator is eager and ready to help.

  6. Local experts.
    1. Check recent issues ofNotes from National in the Write Stuff columns to see if there are members of your chapter who've recently written articles in hfm magazine. They may be willing to do a live program or a webinar for your chapter-after all, they've already done the research and there right in your own backyard.
    2. Ask chapters in your region for tips on successful local speakers who have recently put on programs. You may be closer than you think to quickly assembling a successful program.

Publication Date: Monday, January 31, 2011