Aug. 28—A plurality of Americans continue to oppose the Affordable Care Act, according to a recent poll, even as a majority rejected congressional efforts to cut off the law’s funding.

Opposition to the 2010 healthcare overhaul was registered by 42 percent of respondents to the latest monthly tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Support lagged at 37 percent of respondents.

Despite the inability of the law to gain majority support within the poll’s three years of monthly questions to nationally representative samples, 57 percent opposed ongoing congressional efforts to defund it. Some congressional Republicans have launched an effort to cut off implementation funds as part of negotiations this fall over raising the federal government’s borrowing limit.

The poll also identified a growing awareness of the law’s health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, in the run up to their Oct. 1 enrollment launches. The share of the public that has heard about their state health insurance marketplaces rose from 22 percent in June to 33 percent this month.

Potentially significant for hospitals undertaking insurance marketplace education initiatives, the poll found a high level of trust in marketplace information offered by some types of providers. Although the poll did not ask specifically about hospital officials, physicians and nurses were the most trusted source for information about the marketplaces. Forty-four percent of respondents placed “a lot” of trust in those providers as marketplace information sources, although only 22 percent have heard recently from them about the federal healthcare law.

Publication Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2013