Did you know that bone-graft substitutes are a $2.5 billion market, and anticipated to continue to rise? This is driven by both the aging population and the expanding pool of younger patients as a result of minimally invasive procedures. Bone-graft substitutes include both synthetic and natural materials used for the replacement of bone or bone tissues. Although harvested bone from the patient, or autograft, is the gold standard, substitutes were introduced to the market in 1995 due to quantity limitations and chronic pain associated with the donor site.

Most bone-graft substitutes can be categorized into one of the following areas: 

  • Allograft-based, also known as demineralized bone matric (DBM)
  • Growth-factor based (BMP)
  • Synthetic, including polymer and ceramic-based materials

Reimbursement codes vary, based on the use of autograft or a bone substitute but in general reimbursement rates have remained steady. However, as the market evolves and new grafts are introduced and prices increase cost-benefit analysis will become critical. Additionally, while the use of bone-graft substitutes does add additional cost to the procedure it prevents the need for an extra incision site or second operative procedure and the trouble caused by obtaining the donor graft.

Lower prices are usually achievable by introducing competitive bids but additional savings can require some creativity such as agreeing to market share commitments. These agreements tend to give providers a good amount of leverage to reduce the prices but ensure physician alignment to prevent physician/vendor relationships from compromising your negotiation leverage.

Bone-Graft Substitutes

  5cc Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Putty 
 Low  High  Average
 $616.00  $865.00  $690.00

  Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rhBMP) Matrix 
 Low  High  Average
 $3,450.00  $5,000.00  $3,477.00

  5cc Synthetic – Ceramic & Polymer – Based 
 Low  High  Average
 $893.00  $2,100.00  $1,320.00

Source: MD Buyline

Please note these numbers have been adjusted to exclude special deals, outliers, and unique circumstances.



Publication Date: Monday, September 09, 2013