ANI Booth 3June 18—From sporting balloon hats, to enjoying freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, to vying for a chance to win a new car, visitors to this year’s Exhibit Hall won’t lack for entertainment. Just don’t let the flash of the floor fool you—it’s also the place to go for some of the most meaningful discussions taking place at ANI. 

Exhibitors and attendees alike are focusing on ways to work together to meet some of the most pressing needs of tomorrow, whether addressing shifts in payment, focusing on revenue cycle, or identifying strategies and solutions to meet the latest regulatory demands. 

“As the industry is currently in flux, having this face time with other vendors and consultancies as well as provider organizations to share ideas over a period of a few days is invaluable,” says Michael Najera, professional services manager, Craneware. 

The Exhibit Hall also is the place to hear about product innovations and market advances. “Each year, attendees meet new vendors and find out about new solutions from existing ones. We're seeing a lot of new, exciting technologies designed to help healthcare organizations optimize their financial, operational, and clinical performance. It's also a great environment to interact with peers, partners and clients to hear about their new initiatives,” says Tom Butts, CEO, ZirMed, which launched its new brand this year at ANI. 

One-to-One Connections

Even visitors who swing by the Exhibit Hall simply to learn about one particular product class or solution may find themselves surprised by the variety and depth of expertise available to them. Chris Fox, CEO, Avantas, gives the example of time spent focusing on cost management associated with improved revenue cycle management and supply chain management. ANI Booth 1  

“Both areas get a lot of attention—and rightfully so—but there are others that are just as important,” he says. “Visiting the Exhibit Hall can help financial leaders widen their perspective to consider things such as Lean-based process improvement and labor resource optimization, to name a couple. There are a lot of vendors and consultancies here that can help provide that perspective. There is no silver bullet, so talking with a number of experts from a number of different areas will provide value." 

Providers and vendors also can benefit when users share insights about the successes and needs they are experiencing. 

“The exhibit floor offers a valuable opportunity for vendors to connect with providers to vision how technology and process methodologies can work together to empower finance with the tools they need to evolve and lead in this time of change,” says Jay Spence, VP of Healthcare Solutions, Axiom EPM. 

ANI Booth 2And today’s feedback helps shape tomorrow’s solutions. “We always value hearing from providers directly, particularly about what they're seeing as pain points and how technology has alleviated some of those, and where we might be able to help as they move forward in today's ever-changing environment,” Butts adds.

Publication Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013