“Making the changes necessary to move forward in this environment is going to require massive amounts of time, energy, and creativity on the part of everyone here,” HFMA Chair Steve Rose told attendees of ANI: The HFMA National Institute on Monday morning. “However, I’m firmly convinced that if we remain committed to doing whatever it takes, we will meet our goals and achieve astonishing results.” Steven Rose ANI 1

Rose, CFO, Conway Regional Health System, Conway, Ark., and a longtime HFMA volunteer and leader, acknowledged that much will be asked of healthcare finance professionals as the landscape continues to shift toward value, population health management, and preventive care. 

Rose finds inspiration in the deep dedication of his colleagues at Conway Regional, just as he did when he joined the organization’s team 22 years ago. 

“Everyone had a remarkable sense that they were making a contribution to a greater cause,” Rose said, recalling his early days at the hospital. “One of the reasons I stay where I am is that I’ve been able to see the positive impact that can be created when passionate, committed people work together.” 

That shared sense of mission has helped Conway Regional face and overcome many challenges over the past two decades, Rose said, including a major expansion and the development of new partnerships with physicians and others. 

On a personal level, Rose demonstrated his commitment to a “whatever-it-takes” attitude by losing 30 pounds in six months, a challenge he had set for himself last November. Both on an individual level and when working together with colleagues to accomplish large, organizationwide tasks, a will-do spirit has been “a pivotal part” of making his work successful, Rose said. 

Steve Rose ANI 2He encouraged healthcare finance professionals to adopt a similar approach: “When addressing challenges—either inside or outside of the healthcare finance arena—I believe this attitude can be the most powerful asset you have.” 

Although the challenges facing the healthcare industry are unprecedented and will require leadership from all of us, Rose concluded, healthcare finance professionals are up to the task. “We know our work matters,” he said. “We know it impacts people’s lives. And only by holding firm to a commitment to do whatever it takes—for our organizations, our colleagues, and for those who use healthcare services—can we face the challenges that the coming years will surely bring.” 

View Rose's full presentation at ANI and listen as he describes the importance of a "Whatever it takes" culture and the evolving healthcare environment.  

Publication Date: Monday, June 17, 2013