Sept. 25: Glen Reiner: "Two Midnights" Challenge: Freeing Docs from the Clocks

Sept. 25: John Bryan: Using Dashboards and Flash Reports to Successfully Navigate Health Care's Shifting Currents

Sept. 24: Michael Alkire: Potential Adversity Ahead—Are You Prepared?

Sept. 23: Todd Fitz: What It Takes to Establish a Sustainable Physician Compensation Program

Sept. 20: Ken Perez: Unpacking the Latest SGR Reform Proposal

Sept. 20: Dean C. Coddington: Can Integration Happen Without Physician Leadership?

Sept. 11: Arthur Sturm: Does the Self-Pay Market Represent a Conversion Opportunity Through Insurance Marketplaces?

Sept 5: Ferd Mitchell & Cheryl Mitchell: Redesigning Charts of Accounts Can Serve Broader Objectives

Sept. 4: Karin Chernoff Kaplan and John Harris: Integration and/or Independence: Physician-Hospital Futures

Aug. 29: Ken Perez: ACOs: Thoughts on the Road to Bending the Cost Curve

Aug. 27: Eric A. Jordahl: Using the Tiered Liquidity Process to Manage Organizational Risk

Aug. 15: William A. Fera: Managed Care 2.0: Backlash or Breakthrough?

Aug. 7: John Harris: Hospital Alliances on the Rise

Aug. 2: Ferd Mitchell & Cheryl Mitchell: Business Branding and the ACA

July 30: Ken Perez: First-Year of Pioneer ACO Program Echoes Physician Group Practice Demonstration

July 25: Josh Neaman: Rates Market Shifts Caused by Fed Outlook Change Require Careful Monitoring

July 19: Jason Lee: Everyone Is Taking on More Risk, But Should They?  

July 16: Dean Coddington: Percentage Changes in Healthcare Spending: Do They Tell the Whole Story?  

July 2: Ken Perez: Poolside Epiphanies: Core Issues Regarding the Cost of Health Care

July 1: John Harris and Carole Graham: For ACOs, Hospital Costs May Not Be What Most Assume

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