Consolidation & Reinvention

Leadership Fall-Winter 2013 Cover

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In Pursuit of Scale

During the most intense period of healthcare consolidation in recent memory, many hospitals and health systems are uniting through formal mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile, their independent-minded peers are seeking scale and efficiencies through strategic partnerships.

Securing Mountains of Data

Providers and experts are trying to determine the best way to store and protect sensitive healthcare information—a massive challenge in light of regulations, storage costs, and IT limitations.

The Many Faces of Retail Health

With the number of retail clinics expected to double by 2015 and millions of Americans shopping for coverage through the health insurance marketplaces, health care is quickly transforming from a provider- and payer-driven industry into a consumer-driven one.

Case Studies 

Bridging Acute and Post-Acute Care

The push for more coordinated care is why North Shore-LIJ and other health systems around the country are making partnerships with post-acute providers a strategic priority.

Mountain States Adds an Insurance Arm

“The insurance company is not there to become the next WellPoint, the next United, or the next Aetna. It’s there to be a strategic asset,” said Rob Slattery, president and CEO of Integrated Solutions Health Network (ISHN), CrestPoint’s parent organization.


Pursuing Price Transparency

Because of its complexity, meaningful and manageable transparency will require consensus among multiple stakeholders, according to three industry experts.

Breakthrough Map

The Hospital-Physician Integration Challenge

This Leadership infographic presents a road map through the common strategies pursued by many hospitals and physicians as they experiment with varying degrees of integration (loose, partial, and full).   


The Transformation of Safety Net Hospitals

An interview with John W. Bluford III

John Bluford prefers to call the safety-net hospital he leads a “quality-net” hospital to reflect his expectations for excellence throughout the organization.

Web extra: Bluford’s 2011 American Hospital Association speech

Reinvention, HealthPartners-Style

An interview with Mary Brainerd

HealthPartners, which refers to itself as an integrated healthcare and financing organization, started this year by finalizing its merger with Park Nicollet Health Services to create one of the largest health systems in Minnesota.

Patient Safety Starts with an Aligned Crew

An interview with Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III

“To create and lead teams, physicians have to have certain attitudes and behaviors that build trust,” says aviation hero Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III.


A Sucker’s Game

By James L. Reinertsen, MD, CEO, The Reinertsen Group 

“If you could add one more organization to your current system, what would it be?” asks James L. Reinertsen, MD.

Transparency: It’s About the Patient

By Todd Nelson, technical director, HFMA 

“We need to follow the example of leading-edge organizations and provide patients with information that can help make them better choices,” writes HFMA’s Todd Nelson.

Last Word

Reinventing Leadership Roles

Four healthcare leaders share how their roles are evolving as the healthcare landscape changes.

Publication Date: Wednesday, November 06, 2013