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Putting Physicians in the Lead for Cost Containment

Some health systems have found early success with initiatives that put physicians in charge of lowering the cost of the care they provide.
By Rich Daly


From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk: December

HFMA's President and CEO Joe Fifer discusses the launch of the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices, and its benefits to patients and to healthcare organizations.



Value-Based Physician Compensation: Tackling the Complexities

As the healthcare industry continues its historical shift from productivity-based to quality-based payment, new physician compensation models will need to be developed to keep pace with this trend.
By Karin Chernoff Kaplan, Idette Elizondo, Stu Schaff


Improving the Quality of Perioperative Services in an Era of Reform

Perioperative leaders should prepare for an unprecedented increase in surgery volumes, starting in 2014, despite current declines.
By Ed Daihl


Using Technology to Reduce Readmissions

Novel real-time technologies powered by predictive and text analytics can help organizations avoid readmissions—and wasted effort—by targeting the right interventions for patient populations.
By Barbara S. Harvath, Karoline Hilu, Ravi Nemana, Ramesh Sairamesh


A Framework for Managing Risk-Based Managed Care Contracts

Given the increasing prevalence of risk-based contracts with purchasers, healthcare finance leaders should consider strategies to assess and mitigate their risk under these arrangements.
By Michael Nugent


The New Break-Even Analysis

It’s time to expand the scope and assumptions of the traditional break-even analysis.
By James Laskaris, Katie Regan


Strategies for Achieving Orthopedic Service Line Success

Whether a hospital can achieve enhanced value in the critical orthopedics service line depends on the strength of the relationship between hospital administrators and the orthopedic surgeons.
By Stacey Lang, Kristi Powers

Web Extra: Learn about an alternative model for partnerships between hospitals and orthopedic surgeons.

Focus Areas



Addressing Staffing Shortages in an Era of Reform

Catholic Health Initiatives is using two new models of care that deploy staff in new ways to deal with nursing staff shortages.
By Kathleen D. Sanford


Physician Relations

Clinical Integration and the CFO

Healthcare CFOs should consider five strategies for promoting clinical integration.
By Alice G. Gosfield


From the Chair

It's Time to Lead with Value

By taking steps now to emphasize value—not just quality—hospital leaders can position their organizations to remain competitive and make a positive impact in the lives of patients.
By Steven P. Rose, FHFMA, CPA


From the President

A New Day for Patient Financial Communications

HFMA has launched Patient Financial Communications Best Practices to provide healthcare organizations with concrete steps on how to communicate with patients about their financial responsibilities.
By Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA


From the Editor

Talking About Finance

Healthcare finance professionals require communications skills to make their solutions to health care’s most intractable problems come alive.
By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Executive Interview

Peter Markell: Why Risk-Based Contracts Are the Present and the Future

Peter Markell, CFO of Partners HealthCare System in Boston,shares his views about the role of risk-based contracts in an evolving healthcare marketplace.


Eye on Washington

On the Clock

Just what providers can expect from Congress in the next three months is uncertain, but should take steps now to position themselves for continued success regardless of what happens.
By Chad Mulvany


Healthcare Value

Safety's Impact on the Value Equation

In focusing on patient safety, hospitals should do everything within their power to ensure that their services are error proof.
By John Byrnes


Healthcare Reform

The New Math for Hospital Finances in ACOs

Hospitals should take an active, not passive, stance in evaluating and participating in accountable care organizations.

By Ken Perez


5 Ways To...

5 Ways to Reduce Central Business Office Risk

Hospitals and health systems should take steps to contain risk in central billing office operations.
By Steven Stocki


Data Trends

Facility-Borne Illness Poses Environmental Risk in Hospital Construction



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Publication Date: Monday, December 02, 2013