Position Description

The Policy Analyst is responsible for managing the policy research function for the association and for providing consultation, technical expertise, analysis and interpretation to HFMA staff and volunteers. The Policy Analyst will identify opportunities for research and conduct projects which will lead to new and enhanced perspectives for the Association. In addition, the Policy Analyst will work closely with product managers and developers to ensure that findings are communicated, understood, and utilized.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develop and execute annual policy research survey based on HFMA’s policy agenda
    a. Work with policy directors, affinity groups, and external policy influencers (e.g. MedPAC, CMS) to determine survey content.
    b. Develop and field survey, driving significant response rate
  2. Develop and execute original quantitative research projects that align with HFMA’s policy and perspective agenda annually
  3. Conduct issue specific primary and secondary research as needed based
  4. Conduct research related to the value project as needed
  5. Ensure that data is incorporated in to HFMA content and advances prospective agenda
    a. This includes close alignment with policy team to interpret results
    b. Collaboration with Publications and Education to identify opportunities to work results into HFMA content with an eye to developing/furthering point of view pieces


Bachelor's degree in research or statistics and/or Master's degree preferred. A minimum 3-5 years experience in design and analysis of research for service organizations or associations. Demonstrated ability to take projects from concept stage through to implementation or improvement of a product or service. Experience using the most current research methods, analyzing multiple types of data and feedback, and providing recommendations and consultation to various executives, staff, and volunteers. Experience with research analysis software and advanced statistical knowledge is required. Knowledge of the healthcare industry required, payer and physician content is strongly preferred. Ability to work with confidential information. Travel required.

If interested, please send a resume to resumes@hfma.org.

Publication Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013