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Forecasting & Budgeting

CHRISTUS’ Rolling Forecasting Approach Results in Greater Efficiency and Transparency

By Laura Ramos Hegwer

CHRISTUS Health’s new rolling forecasting process has created greater alignment between regional and corporate finance leaders. “We no longer have to worry about people being caught off guard by the assumptions used to drive the budget—or even the forecast,” says Justin Gravesen, manager, financial reporting at CHRISTUS Health.

Tool: CHRISTUS Health’s Strategic Volume Template

To help ensure that the appropriate volume projections are included in the budget, CHRISTUS Health developed a strategic volume template with a software vendor. Regional and corporate leaders use the tool to help prevent pie-in-the-sky volume assumptions that can inflate budgets.

Capital Finance

Minimizing Credit Spreads and the Hospital's Cost of Debt

By Pierre Bogacz and Chris Rea

When selling bonds to public investors, hospitals that demonstrate an understanding of credit spreads and how to accurately measure pricing can maintain control over the process and minimize the cost of debt.

Data Metrics & Analysis

Replacing Imprecise Volume Metrics

By William O. Cleverley

An alternative metric of hospital volume—equivalent discharges—is a better predictor of total costs than adjusted discharge.

Insights from Our Sponsor

Plan Now to Prevent 2014 Reimbursement Shortfalls

By Steven J. Meyerson, MD

Staying ahead of the two-midnight rule and other new IPPS regulations can help healthcare finance leaders avoid unnecessary revenue losses.

Strategic Partnerships

Answer Your Trustees’ Question: Should We Affiliate?

By Jonathan Spees

Hospital CFOs can help guide the affiliation decision by identifying potential affiliation goals, structures, partners, and fiscal requirements.

Web Extra

Guiding Principles for Affiliations

The hospital CFO and other leaders should work with the hospital’s constituents (physicians, employees, community members) to create a set of guiding principles regarding affiliations.

Facility Planning Challenge

Determining the Best Facility Approach: A Campus Consolidation Examples

By Craig Acosta, Melissa Anderson, Jared Averbuch, and Larry Sterle

One large regional health system uses a three-part facility equation to explore various strategic options.

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A Three-Part Facility Plan Equation

Many organizations are not fully focused on the facility plan equation—capital availability, capital prioritization, and capital sustainability—and the value that this process can provide to the overall success of the organization


Crowdfunding: Can It Work for Hospitals?

By Lauren Phillips

Mount Desert Island Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital in Bar Harbor, Maine, tried crowdfunding as a way to build its annual general fund. Seattle Children’s Hospital also tried  crowdfunding through the Children’s Miracle Network.

Strategic Agility

Building an Agile Organization Through Strategic Planning

By John Harris

The right strategic planning process can drive your senior team to think strategically, prepare for uncertainty, and respond with agility.

Retail Thinking

If Health Care Is Becoming More Like Retail, Which Brand Are You?

By Arthur C. Sturm Jr. 

If you know your customer base and its definition of value, you stand a higher opportunity to mitigate price and maximize margin.  

Finance at a Glance

Record-Breaking MOB Investments Are Expected to Continue

By Mindy Berman

The seller’s market is continuing through 2013 with cap rates for the highest-quality properties between 5.5 percent and 6.6 percent nationally.  

Publication Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013