Position Description

The Policy Analyst is responsible for creating healthcare-specific accounting standards. The position will perform research, data mining, modeling, and other analysis to ensure adoption of HFMA's Principles and Practices Board guidance. In addition to the work on accounting guidance, the analyst will collect information—statistical and otherwise—to explore social issues and other problems that may be on the agenda of the association and for providing consultation, technical expertise, analysis and interpretation to HFMA staff and volunteers. The Policy Analyst will identify opportunities for research and conduct projects which will lead to new and enhanced perspectives for the Association. Analysts then develop and explain proposed perspectives, using qualitative and quantitative data to explain the proposals they offer. In addition, the Policy Analyst will work closely with product managers and developers to ensure that findings are communicated, understood, and utilized.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute annual Principles and Practices Board work plan
  • Cultivate, develop, and maintain new and ongoing relationships with members and diverse industry contacts to stay informed and participate in relevant policy work
  • Leverage that network to accelerate the development of HFMA P&P Board guidance
  • Develop and execute original policy projects that align with HFMA's policy and perspective agenda annually
  • Conduct issue specific primary and secondary research as needed
  • Serve as staff liaison to HFMA’s Principles and Practices Board
  • Ensure that guidance is incorporated into HFMA content and advances prospective agenda
    • This includes close alignment with policy team to interpret results
    • Collaboration with Publications and Education to identify opportunities to work results into HFMA content with an eye to developing/furthering point of view pieces 
  • Knowledge of pertinent research and analytical methodology and ability to apply such techniques to policy issues, such as:
    • Qualitative techniques, such as performing extensive inquiry into a wide variety of significant issues, problems, or proposals; determining data sources and relevance of findings and synthesizing information; evaluating tentative study findings and drawing logical conclusions; and identifying omissions, questionable assumptions, or inadequate data in the analytical work of others
    • Quantitative methods, such as cost benefit analysis, design of computer simulation models and statistical analysis including survey methods and regression analysis 
  • Skill in dealing with decision makers and their immediate staffs. Skill in interacting with other specialists and experts in the same or related fields.
  • Ability to exercise judgment in all phases of analysis, ranging from sorting out the most important problems when dealing with voluminous amounts of information to ensure that the many facets of a policy issue are explored, to sifting evidence and developing feasible options or alternative proposals and anticipating policy consequences
  • Skill in effectively communicating highly complex technical material or highly complex issues that may have controversial findings, or both, using language appropriate to specialists and/or non-specialists, facilitating the formulation of a decision
  • Skill in written communication to organize ideas and present findings in a logical manner with supporting, as well as adverse, criteria for specific issues, and to prepare material complicated by short deadlines and limited information
  • Skill in effective oral communication, techniques to explain, justify, or discuss a variety of public issues requiring a logical presentation of appropriate facts and information or analysis
  • Ability to work effectively under the pressure of tight time frames and rigid deadlines 


  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting or finance and/or Master's degree preferred 
  • A minimum 3-5 years experience in public accounting or healthcare settings with skills in technical accounting
  • Demonstrated ability to take projects from concept stage through to implementation or improvement of a document, product or service
  • Experience with recently issued accounting standards and researching the FASB Accounting Standards Codification
  • Knowledge of the healthcare industry required, payer and physician content is strongly preferred 
  • Experience providing recommendations and consultation to various executives, staff, and volunteers
  • This position requires demonstrated research skills, the ability to analyze statistical and other types of data, and excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Ability to work with confidential information 
  • Travel required 

If interested, please send a resume to resumes@hfma.org.


Publication Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013