Don’t forget to enter your 2014-15 Leadership Roster by March 1. Rosters can be entered online 24/7. Each time you go to the online form, the screen will populate the entries made for the upcoming 2014-15 leadership year, so you can double check what is in the HFMA database first before making new entries. Entries take 24 hours from the time they are made to appear in the HFMA database. For any changes or deletions, contact for assistance.

And it’s not too late to make changes to the 2013-14 roster. People move, take new jobs, and some just don’t pan out. So, if your leadership team has some new faces, make sure you enter the members in the 2013-14 roster to ensure that they are getting email notifications they may need to fulfill their job responsibilities and to stay informed on all aspects of chapter leadership. If there are names that need to be deleted because they are no longer performing the tasks, send an email to and we will remove them from your roster.