When providers and capital suppliers come together, everyone wins.


Next month, I will join representatives from healthcare organizations, rating agencies, and capital suppliers at the 2014 HFMA Capital Conference in Chicago. At last year’s inaugural meeting, attendees enjoyed unprecedented opportunities to connect across the spectrum on the strategic improvements that are moving our industry forward and allowing providers to remain strong and competitive. This year’s conference promises to deliver even more exciting, vital, and honest insights into the financial partnerships driving health care’s new directions.

The HFMA Capital Conference gives providers the chance to share their strategic initiatives and financial performance with representatives from the capital markets and each other. Providers also have the opportunity for direct discussion with capital suppliers. Capital suppliers, in turn, gain a firsthand glimpse into the organizational performance of a range of providers from a wide variety of markets. The Capital Conference also brings in the perspective of rating agencies to help providers understand how their financial health is measured. 

At last year’s conference, executives from nearly 25 hospitals and health systems presented on the unique challenges, successes, and growth issues faced by their institutions. Attendees also enjoyed panel discussions featuring representatives from rating agencies, who provided frank insight into how providers can demonstrate their financial health, and representatives from large health systems and small to midsize systems, who shared capital market approaches and clinical, operational, and financial strategies for the future. 

This year, we hope to see more than 30 unique presentations. It’s a rocket pitch—fast and to the point for the hospital and health system presenters and capital suppliers. 

As someone who has seen his own organization grapple with the need to expand, I understand how important it can be for healthcare providers to make strong connections with capital suppliers who understand their business model and role in the larger marketplace. My employer, Conway Regional Medical Center (CRMC), just completed the largest expansion project in its history. Communicating CRMC's strategic business plans, its recent performance, and its importance to the community to the rating agency and other third parties was an important part of the process. 

Health care is in the midst of a series of profound, ongoing transitions. Hospitals, physicians, and payers are aligning like never before to improve coordination and drive value. We must embrace the reality that these transitions will probably require capital—though perhaps different kinds of capital, and for different reasons. That’s why the diversity of providers and capital suppliers at the HFMA Capital Conference is such a powerful thing.

HFMA is committed to leading the way toward practical financial solutions for providers of all types. As the need for capital grows across the healthcare landscape, finding a good fit between providers and capital suppliers will continue to be an important part of what we do.

Publication Date: Monday, March 03, 2014

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