HFMA volunteers continue to inspire, innovate, lead … and do whatever it takes. 


Each year as HFMA’s Leadership Training Conference draws near, I’m reminded of the importance of our volunteer leaders. Volunteers are the lifeblood of HFMA, and volunteering can be an integral part of the HFMA experience. Our industry is at a crucial crossroads, and the situation calls for leaders who will rise to the occasion to meet the challenges head on. And that’s exactly what our volunteers do. 

Frankly, I’m not surprised that rising to the occasion comes naturally to so many HFMA members. HFMA members are motivated, passionate people who care about the future of health care and desire to grow professionally—all of which makes volunteering a perfect fit for them. Some volunteer at the national level, and many more do so at the local level. But all who give their time are making a meaningful commitment to themselves, to our industry, and to one another. 

I learned about the value of volunteering early in my career. When I started to volunteer my time, it was because I wanted to be more involved in my chapter. I continued to volunteer because I quickly realized I got even more out of it than I put in. Now, as HFMA’s Chair, I see this reflected in the course of my visits to chapters and regional meetings. Everywhere I look, our dedicated volunteer leaders are sacrificing their personal time to better their chapters. They are making sure their members receive the best possible networking and education and have the best overall experience. And in so doing, they are reaping the rewards. 

It’s a two-way street. Volunteers get as well as give. Investing their time and talent with HFMA gives members the chance to develop new skill sets and capabilities. They build their roster of networking contacts. They gain experience working as part of a large group moving toward a common purpose. And last but not least, they forge new friendships and partnerships that can last a lifetime. Volunteering with HFMA at the local level also connects members to their communities in new and exciting ways.

As I think you can tell, HFMA takes volunteering very seriously. And that’s because it is serious. Our industry is changing in new, exciting, and sometimes scary ways. In times like these, investments in human capital—that is to say, in ourselves and each other—aren’t just valuable; they’re absolutely vital. By volunteering with HFMA, mentoring your fellow HFMA members, and sharing your talents with those around you, you empower HFMA to create positive change in our industry, and at the same time empower yourself. 

If you are already one of our many volunteers, volunteer leaders, or mentors, I hope you understand just how grateful we are for your service. Your dedication is an example to us all, and your work now is inspiring the next generation who will come after you. If you’ve never volunteered before, I encourage you to explore your options. Talk to members in your local chapter, and find out what their experiences have been. It could be the first step on a journey with rewards you may never have imagined.

Publication Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2014

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