June 27: Bruce Carothers: Telehealth: It’s Still About People

June 24: Michael J. Alkire: First, Do No Harm

June 23: Tina Pike: Key Considerations for “Cost Reduction” Strategies

June 18: Robert J. Ellersten: It’s Time to Acknowledge the ACA’s Successes

June 17: Bobbi Brown: How to Prepare for Value-Based Purchasing—Step 2: Implement Education Programs

June 13: Jason Ruchaber: Value-Based Medicine and Business Valuation: Five Considerations

June 11: Karin Chernoff Kaplan and Stu Schaff: Fair Market Value for Call Coverage: Benchmark Tables Are Not Enough

June 10: Dan Michelson: The New Conversation in Health Care: “What’s Your Price . . . and Your Cost?”

June 5: Ken Perez: A Defining Moment for Medicare ACO Programs 

June 4: Gurpreet Dhaliwal: Doctors Are Competitive: Use That to Improve Care Delivery

May 22: Peter Salisbury: Rural Hospitals: Managing a Web of Affiliation

May 7: Karin Chernoff Kaplan: Physician Compensation Fair Market Value: The Perils of “Compensation per Work RVU” Benchmarks

May 1: Pamela Austin Thompson: Remember: Finance and Nursing Are on the Same Team

Apr. 30: Bobbi Brown: How to Prepare for Value-Based Purchasing—Step 1: Assess Current Performance

Apr. 28: Cleo Burtley, MBA, and Barb Letts: Post-Acute Care Bundled Payment: Ownership and Contracting Implications

Apr. 24: Chad Mulvany: Preparing for Increasing Balances after Insurance

Apr. 23: Paul R. Sierzenski, MD: A Proposed Payment Differential Policy that Negatively Impacts Hospitals and Potentially Patient Care

Apr. 18: Bob Chaput: One Data Breach Can Wipe Out Revenue Cycle Gains

Apr. 17: Andrew Cohen and Jason O’Riordan: Transparency Goes Public

Apr. 15: Ken Perez: Sustainable Growth Rate Reform: Kicking the Can Way Down the Road

Apr. 10: Dan Michelson: Life at Its Worst...Health Care at Its Best

Apr. 1: Karin Chernoff Kaplan: Determining Length of Term for Physician Employment

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