While the launch of the commercial insurance exchanges has made big headlines, the impact on healthcare providers was fairly minimal as of late March, according to an informal HFMA Forum poll.

Fifty-six Forum members shared details on their organization’s experience with the commercial exchange plans through an informal poll conducted in February and March.

While the sample was small, the anecdotal results identify some common revenue cycle problems that healthcare providers are having related to the exchange plans, including a lack of knowledge among patients of the plans’ benefit designs. 

Percentage of Patients with Exchange Plans

The majority of respondents reported having only a small percentage of patients (less than 5 percent) covered by exchange plans. However, two respondents reported greater numbers.

That said, many respondents also said it was too early (i.e., in February and March) to determine how many patients were enrolled.

Exhibit-Percentage of Patients Covered by Commercial Exchange Plan

Revenue Cycle Issues

Forty-five of the 56 respondents said that some patients with exchange plans caused revenue cycle problems. The most common issues relate to the patient’s knowledge of the plan. 

Exhibit-Revenue Cycle Problems Encountered with Commercial Exchange Plan

The article is based on an informal Forum polls conducted in February and March 2014. HFMA thanks all the Forum members who took part in this informal poll.

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Publication Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014