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(Exhibit 1)

Very large (over 499 beds) and very small (under 100 beds) urban hospitals have not performed as well as the other urban hospital groups studied, although some indicators have improved in recent periods, such as A/R Days.

(Exhibit 2)

Operating margin percentages have been negative for very large (over 199 beds) and very small (under 50 beds) rural hospitals during the entire period studied, while all other groups of rural hospitals have enjoyed positive margins. Some of the other financial indicators show a similar trend.

(Exhibit 3)

Rehabilitation hospitals have far outperformed the other postacute care hospitals during the period studied. Psychiatric hospitals show alarming negative margin percentages, high personnel expense percentages, and weakness in the other financial indicators. Long-term acute care hospitals have shown solid performance during the period studied.

(Exhibit 4)

Financial indicators have improved for critical access hospitals over the period studied. Although operating margin percentages have remained negative, they have improved significantly. Personnel expense percentages have decreased and A/R days and A/P days have improved.

Publication Date: Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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