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Capital Financing

Stick to Your Guns: It Really Does Pay Off

By Steven W. Kennedy Jr.

The funding of an Indiana CAH’s replacement facility is a great example of a public-private cooperation using three sources of funding: USDA, institutional investors, and a community bank.


Advice for Healthcare CFOs on the New SEC Municipal Advisor Rule

By Pierre Bogacz and Chris Rea

Hospitals that rely on bond underwriters for advice need to understand what they will need to do to continue getting ideas from the marketplace.

Real Estate Strategies

A Case for Monetizing Non-Core Real Estate Assets

By Vincent Cozzi and Michael O. Lincoln

An assessment should include pro forma valuations under different monetization scenarios, as well as estimates of the impact each option may have on key strategic and operational objectives.

Data Metrics & Analysis

The Greatest Inpatient Cost Opportunities

By James O. Cleverley

By digging into MEDPAR data, the author determines that the most promising inpatient cost-containment opportunity lies with the prevention and management of sepsis, a type of blood poisoning that is on the rise.

Capital Planning

Duke Shares Strategies for a Structured Capital Approval Process

By Laura Ramos Hegwer

"The rigor in the process helps us make sure we are making good decisions, especially when we are looking to get the most bang for our buck from our capital investments," says Krista Lutz Harris, MHA, senior director, finance.

Web Extra

Tool: Excerpt from Duke's Business Plan Template
Duke's business plan template includes a section called "Project Overview," which asks staff to answer seven key questions.

The Long View

Hedging Bets: Performance Improvement and Vertical Integration

A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer

Hospitals simply cannot solve their problems or the health system's problems by themselves. They need to work instead with purchasers, payers, and patients to design an efficient and effective marketplace and then build it.

Cost Accounting

Using Variable Labor Cost Accounting to Understand the True Costs of Care

By David Janotha

This approach focuses on the direct cost of care and associated overhead, or inefficiency measures. It makes cost data more valuable to all users, whether they are conducting department analysis or putting together strategic plans.


Valuing a Portfolio of Hospitals

By Elliott Jeter and Patrick M. Roberts

The valuation methodologies used in multi-facility transactions should address how value is assigned to a portfolio of assets, and should take into account the possibility that one or more of the hospitals is underperforming.

Finance at a Glance

Examples of Rate Cuts after Reimbursement System Implementation
CMS ultimately will adjust for "coding creep" by making a downward coding adjustment.


Publication Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014