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Mark West

Dr. Ken Ouriel
President and CEO

Aylin Altan Riedel, PhD
Principal Consultant – Health Economics & Outcomes Research


Clearly, there is no shortage of data in today's environment. However, most of the data analysis is focused on either reducing cost or improving patient outcomes, usually at the expense of each. There are multiple data sources that can be accessed and aligned to give a unique view into overall costs. By coupling data from health system and payer databases, organizations can follow the patient throughout the full care continuum from the treatment of symptoms prior to surgery to the surgery itself, post-operative care, and patient follow-up. The insights and intelligence that can be gained from triangulating the data sources enable patient-centered decisions. 

Another clear differentiator is employing a rigorous clinical process with high involvement from physicians. Physician integration throughout the clinical and strategic sourcing process ensures sustainable savings and improves collaboration throughout the health system. 

This webinar focuses on how bringing together the right relationships will drive the greatest value to both patients and our nation’s healthcare system. 

After This Webinar You’ll Be Able To:  

  • Describe how payers and providers are working together to align with healthcare reform to reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.
  • Explain how a vast and unique database can benefit health systems and manufacturers to improve outcomes.
  • Understand how a rigorous clinical process and heavy physician engagement improves collaboration and ultimately profitability.  

Tools & Takeaways

Clinical review process overview 

Recommended For:

CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, innovation officers, supply chain and materials management professionals

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications
Delivery Method: Group Internet
Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Working knowledge of healthcare supply chain
Prework: None 


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Note: This on-demand webinar is available until Aug. 7, 2015.