The Challenge:
Increase Point-of-Service (POS) Cash Collections

We are a very metric-driven organization. When we started, we were looking at internal metrics to see how we were doing. Then HFMA created the MAP Keys, and we said, okay this what HFMA is recommending for the formulas, so we adopted them. That enabled us to move from internal historical benchmarks to external comparisons. 

We use MAP App to make sure we’re on track, historically and with our peers, and that we continue to maintain our performance. What I especially like are the comparisons. As Joseph Koons, our managing director of revenue cycle, says, we don’t want to drink our own Kool-Aid. Maybe we are increasing collections, but how does our performance compare to our peers? We were never able to see that before we started using MAP App. Centra strives to be in the top decile, and we have been on POS for the last three years. I look every month, and if I see us slipping I look at what we need to improve. 

I also like the collaboration. With MAP App you can have conversations with peers, or you can reach out to someone who has moved from the 50th to the 75th percentile and ask them how they did it. I make myself open to those conversations too. I’m a relative newcomer to patient access, so being able to talk to folks who have been in this business for a long time really helps me. 

We communicate our revenue cycle work to our clinical, financial, and operational leaders at meetings every month. We let them know what we’re doing at the front end. Now the clinical staff is not focusing on how long it takes people to register, but on the quality of our communications with patients and families. They embrace what we’re doing as a stewardship opportunity. That’s a huge culture change for our organization. 

The Payoff

  • Improved POS Cash Collection by 15.75% (2011-2013)
  • Winner of HFMA’s MAP Award for High Performance (2011-2013) and MAP Award for Performance Improvement (2012)

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