Circumstantial Approaches to Acquisition and Affiliation Strategies

Three scenarios illustrate how this toolkit may be used by a variety of healthcare provider organizations. In each scenario, an example organization assesses its unique organizational and marketplace requirements, then navigates acquisition/affiliation options as a strategy to meet specific needs. 

  1. The first scenario explores the decision process of a standalone hospital considering options to being acquired.
  2. The second focuses on an academic medical center positioning for value-based reimbursement.
  3. The third scenario describes the complexities of concurrent multi-market and national approaches utilized by a large multi-hospital system. 

A word of caution: not every organization has the wide range of options described in these scenarios. Many acquisition/affiliation options are presented to offer robust examples of how the overall decision making approach detailed in this toolkit could be applied.


Publication Date: Thursday, July 31, 2014