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HFM_Aug_CoverCreating a Culture for Value Measurement

OSF HealthCare reinvented its performance measurement-and-reporting system and better supported a culture of enhanced transparency and higher-quality care and service.  

By Michele Conger, Melissa Knuth, Jody McDonald

Web Extra: Learn how OSF Healthcare used benchmarking to achieve clinical efficiency gains.

From the President's Desk

August 2014 Expanding on thoughts in his August 2014 column in hfm, HFMA's President and CEO Joe Fifer talks about TEDMED.

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Core Competencies for a Changing Healthcare Environment

Learn how organizations can obtain the skills needed to thrive in a transforming industry.

Q & A

Thomas Lee: The Value of Alleviating Patient Suffering

Thomas Lee of Press Ganey discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the effort to alleviate patient suffering—and how CFOs can help.
By Nick Hut


Improving Clinicians' Access to Cost Data

Empowering clinicians with cost data as part of a business intelligence strategy requires collaboration, education, and the right mix of experts.

By John Kenagy, Ben Shah, Dan Michelson

Web Extra: View a sample report generated by Legacy’s business intelligence system.

Acquisition and Affiliation Strategies

The need to reduce costs, improve care coordination, and prepare for population health management is spurring a new wave of acquisitions and affiliations among healthcare organizations.

Avoiding Revenue Loss Due to 'Lesser Of' Contract Clauses
When establishing new service charges in a hospital's chargemaster, it is important to be mindful of the potential for lost revenue due to lesser-of-charge-or-fixed-fee clauses in payer contracts.

By Frederick Stodolak, Henry Gutierraz

Calculating the True Cost of Robotic Hysterectomy

When a new surgical method is shown to produce outcomes similar to those of a more established procedure, finance leaders should estimate the opportunity cost associated with the new approach to decide whether it merits adoption.

By Vikram Tiwari, Dan C. Krupka, Warren S. Sandberg

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Warbird Consulting Partners: CFO Expertise When You Need It

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IntelliCentrics: 10 Things Healthcare Leaders Must Do to Create a Culture of Safety

RehabCare: Did you know your department can successfully appeal more than 40% of its RAC denials?

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HFMA Roundtable
Front-End Revenue Cycle Strategies for the Post-Reform Era

HFMA Action Brief
Revenue Cycle Technology: Key Factors for Choosing a Solution

Focus Areas


Determining Who Should Oversee Meaningful Use

If IT is to retain responsibility for the program, it will likely require the support of a strong analyst team.

By Tom S. Lee

Revenue Cycle

Leveraging the Delay in ICD-10

With ICD-10 implementation pushed back a year until October 2015, organizations that were preparing for a 2014 start date may wonder whether they need to adjust their readiness programs.

By Roey Moran, Wayne Cafran, Todd Ellis  


From the Chair

Developing a Culture Focused on Value and Change

Finance leaders can help their organizations meet the needs of our country's most vulnerable patients and guide the evolution of our healthcare system.

By Kari Cornicelli, FHFMA, CPA

From the President

The View from 50,000 Feet

It's not often that I talk about joining the global dialogue on health care.

By Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA

Eye on Washington

Ensuring Fairness in Medical Account Resolution

There are opportunities to improve both operational efficiency and patient friendliness of hospital revenue cycles. 

By Chad Mulvany


Leveraging Mergers or Affiliations to Achieve Transformation

Hospitals and health systems can better navigate the changing healthcare landscape by utilizing different types of alliances, contracts, and other forms of affiliation.

By Keith D. Moore, Katherine M. Eyestone, Dean C. Coddington

Healthcare Value

Using the Board Quality Committee to Drive the Value Proposition

The hospital board quality committee can provide strategic oversight for quality improvements that also boost the bottom line. 

By John Byrnes, MD

Healthcare Reform

A Road Map to Success for ACOs

For ACOs, long-term financial sustainability remains questionable.

By Gregory Kotzbauer, WIlliam B. Weeks, MD, MBA


5 Ways To...

5 Ways to Use Medical Technology Assessments to Reduce Costs

Healthcare leaders should conduct a medical equipment technology assessment to determine where capital investments should be made. 

By Jeffery Niederhausen

Data Trends

Costs of Treating Patients Before Transfer to Long-Term Care, 2010-12


Publication Date: Friday, August 01, 2014