Aug. 1—Hospital and nursing home job losses kept healthcare employment flat in July, according to the federal government’s latest employment report.

The 7,100 job losses among hospitals were nearly matched by a decrease of 6,000 jobs at nursing homes. Those two categories largely offset 21,000 new jobs in ambulatory services to keep the healthcare sector’s employment picture flat for the month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly report.

Hospitals’ job losses last month followed a small gain of 1,800 jobs in June and marked a year-over-year gain of 6,200 jobs.

Hospital Jobs Flatten

The latest figures continued a trend in which hospital employment generally has remained flat since November 2012, according to an Advisory Board analysis. The nonhospital segments of the healthcare sector drove the overall employment increases during that time frame. For instance, home healthcare jobs have increased by 9.1 percent over the last two years, according to the Altarum Center for Sustainable Health Spending.

Meanwhile, the 7,200 job losses among nursing homes and residential care facilities in July followed a gain of 200 in June, which was revised down from a previously reported increase of 6,000 positions.

The ambulatory healthcare job growth in July followed an addition of 18,200 jobs in June. Physician’s offices led the increase with 7,500 new positions in July, up from 5,100 in June.

Employment at outpatient care centers was nearly unchanged, while home healthcare services added 5,200 positions.

Publication Date: Friday, August 01, 2014