The deadlines come fast and furious in the first few months of the DCMS year. How do you keep an eye on what's been reported? Here's a breakdown of the impending deadlines. Touch base with everyone responsible to ensure all are on track to complete these requirements on time or direct them to someone who can help them if they are falling behind. If extraordinary circumstances will keep you from reporting on time, contact before the deadline to request an extension.

July 1 - Chapter Verification Form. You should have received a link to the form via email or you can access it in the Policy and Forms section under Planning Your Leadership year. Fill out the PDF form and hit "submit" in the purple bar at the top of the form. It must be submitted no later than July 1.

July 1 - Founders reporting. Make sure your founders contact has updated points for your chapter members. Keep up to date by updating your leadership roster whenever you make changes like replacing or adding a position. You can enter changes the same way you entered your original roster from the President and President-elect Toolkit under Chapter Leadership and Committee Rosters. To delete someone from your roster, contact

Aug. 1 - Financial Reporting requirements are due. Not sure what's required? See the treasurers' article: "Counting on You for On-time Reporting."


Publication Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2012