Cover Feature

Accountable Care: The Journey Begins

By Keith D. Moore, Dean C. Coddington

Whether or not ACOs eventually become a major force in health care, healthcare provider organizations should not stand by waiting to see what will happen.  

Web Extra: See a presentation on accountable care organizations published with the permission of McManis Consulting.

Special Section: Healthcare Reform

Top 10 Things Hospitals Need to Know About Health Reform-But Were Afraid to Ask

By Susan DeVore

Healthcare financial executives should be aware of 10 key areas of the reform law that require their immediate attention.

ACOs: Preparing for Medicare's Shared Savings Program

By Philip L. Ronning

It's up to providers to decide whether or how they will participate in Medicare's shared savings program.


Moving Quality and Cost to the Top of the Hospital Agenda

By John Byrnes, Joe Fifer

There are four practical tactics hospitals can use to accelerate improvements in quality and safety-and reduce costs.

Web Extra: Examples of Key Performance Indicators for Quality Improvement

Protocols, Prompters, Bundles, Checklists, and Triggers: Synopsis of a Preventable Mortality Reduction Strategy

By Yisrael M. Safeek

Hospital finance leaders can play an important role in the organization's effort to prevent avoidable deaths by monitoring the monetary impact of substandard care and driving the focus on key leverage points.

Funding a Hospitalist Program: Which Approach Will You Take?

By Ron Greeno

Funding a hospitalist program with a care-team approach can help improve results and long-term value for the hospital. 

How to Avoid a HIPAA Horror Story

By Scott C. Winthrow

HITECH increases the financial risk for hospitals that do not meet the privacy and security requirements under HIPAA.

Using Labor Metrics to Achieve Value-Driven Health Care

By Susan M. Reese

There are four strategies hospitals can use to reduce nursing costs without compromising quality of care.

Focus Areas


Will Red Ink Cause IDSs to Self-Destruct?

By Robert C. Bohlmann

Leaders of integrated delivery systems that are facing financial losses should take care in diagnosing root causes for red ink.

Revenue Cycle

5 Things to Look For in a Next-Generation Revenue Cycle Management System

By Loren Buysman

Hospitals should look for five key attributes in a revenue cycle management system.

Web Extra: Learn How To Determine the Right Time for a Next-Generation System Investment


From The Chair

Accountability: It's What's New

By Debora Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA

Now that we're financially accountable for improving clinical outcomes, it's time to step up and take ownership of this challenge.

From the President

Reflections on Stepping Up

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA

Presenters at HFMA's annual conference highlighted the serious challenges facing our economy and healthcare system, but participants saw a compelling opportunity to move away from the status quo.

From the Editor

Attacks from All Sides

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief

Strategy Challenge

How Should This IDS Develop and Thrive?

By Alan Zuckerman


Member Spotlight: In an American Band

Data Trends

Margin of U.S. Not-for-Profit and Public Hospitals

Publication Date: Monday, August 02, 2010

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