Membership Directories are a wonderful networking tool, but the first job of every chapter who produces a directory is to protect member information. The safest directory is a link to the HFMA online directory. Refer to the Membership Directory Toolkit for links and downloadable information for your directory.

If you want to create an online directory, you can simply link to HFMA's online Membership Directory. Since the directory is linked to the live HFMA database. The information is updated in real time as soon as a member updates information.

If you would like to create a more robust online directory, your webmaster can create a directory page with a link to HFMA's online Membership Directory as will as links to other sections on the HFMA website including About HFMA, HFMA Governance, the Find a Chapter feature, and HFMA's online Event Calendar.

But we understand that many chapters (and members) still like their printed directories. If your chapter decides to produce a chapter-specific directory whether a printed directory or a CD/DVD directory, follow these steps:

Update Member Information

Send an email to your members and ask them to update their information. Members can update their information online 24/7 or they can call HFMA Member Services at (800) 252-4362, ext. 2 and our staff will be happy to assist.

Note: Membership directories exclude home addresses even if the home address is listed as the preferred mailing address. If you have members who work from home exclusively, and want their home address listed, instruct them to list their home address as their org address so their address will display in the directory.

Items to Include

Legal Notice

Every directory distributed must include the HFMA legal notice prominently displayed. Our members are our most important asset and members are increasingly telling us that they do not want their information to end up on solicitation contact lists. The legal notice outlines HFMA's strict rules about how member information can be shared. If you have questions on the use of member information, contact

Membership List

Pull a Membership Directory listing from the Chapter Reports and Reporting Tools page. You may be tempted to stop at the top of the page and pull the Chapter Member Roster, a listing of every member of your chapter. But there are some members who adamantly do not want to be listed in a directory and have indicated that in their member records.

Save yourself from answering to angry members whose information was shared despite their explicit directive to suppress it. Instead, scroll all the way to the bottom to navigate to the Membership Directory Rosters Page where all the rosters you need for your directory are in one spot.

On the Membership Directory Rosters Page, pull the Chapter Membership Roster-the listing of all members who want to be included in published directories. If you want to include student e-members in your directory, pull the Student e-Member Roster, but make sure that you pull both reports on the same day for accuracy.

Additional Items to Include

Leadership Rosters

Information may be downloaded from the Membershp Directory Toolkit.

  • Your chapter's leaders (photos can help members recognize your leadership team at meetings)
  • Regional Executives and Regional Executives-elect
  • HFMA Board of Directors
  • HFMA contact information
  • HFMA organization overview
  • HFMA Milestones
  • HFMA Chapters and Regions Map

From the Chapter Membership Directory Reports page

To honor members who have made significant achievements or contributions to your chapter, consider two more rosters for your directory:

  • Founders Award Recipients-lists chapter members who have received Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Medal of Honor awards. For accuracy, make sure you run this report the same day as your Chapter Membership Directory roster.
  • Certified Members Roster-lists all your certified members who earned certification and who have maintained their certification education hours and who are current on their membership dues.
    List of Major Chapter Meetings and Events

Pull a PPT report for your chapter for a list of education programs your chapter is sponsoring for the year. Consult with your leadership team to highlight meetings or social events your chapter is interested in promoting in the directory.

A Word about Online Directories

Some chapters have expressed interest in posting online chapter-specific .pdf directories. If your chapter decides to post an online directory, it must be posted on a secure, password-protected area of your website, accessible only to chapter members. The directory must be created in a way that does not allow information to be copied and pasted into another document or easily forwarded to others. The electronic directory must include the same legal notice that prohibits members from sharing information in the directory with others and must include the following language in a prominent place on the page:

This membership file was downloaded on DATE and may not reflect recent changes to your member record. To make edits to your member record, log in to and update your information in My Resources & Settings or call (800) 252-4362, ext. 2 to speak to a Member Services representative.

Last year, Shift 365 completed a pilot program for chapters who wanted to produce secure, online .pdf versions of their membership directories (see contact information below).

Select a Vendor

For more than 10 years, Shift 365 (formerly CopyCo solutions Inc.) has offered turnkey production management services to HFMA chapters. Their streamlined program will assist you in meeting a November deadline, while staying within your budget.  The program includes an internal project manager who will work with you throughout your production process. If you are interested in using Shift's services, contact Vicki Reichel, Manager, Solution Deployment, at or (847) 824-4400, ext. 3331, or visit their website.

For more information about Shift's secure online membership directories, contact Vicki Reichel, Manager, Solution Deployment, at or (847) 824-4400, ext. 3331.


Publication Date: Monday, July 30, 2012