Chapter leaders have often asked for help defining the value of HFMA to its members. The new Career Center is a tangible asset that chapter leaders can point to when promoting membership and certification, and in the future, may be a rich source of educational material to enhance chapter education programming.

The Career Center has the unique ability to touch every member of HFMA whether that member is a student or firmly entrenched in the c-suite.

The goal of the Career Center is to provide:

  • Comprehensive resources for HFMA members who:
    • Are preparing to enter the health care field
    • Are in job transition
    • Desire to increase their value to their organizations
    • Are seeking career advancement strategies
    • Are supervisors with responsibility for staff development
  • Full spectrum support to organization's seeking to recruit, develop, and retain qualified staff by:
    • Offering recruiting resources including job posting and resume searches
    • Establishing comprehensive workforce development planning for professional, managerial, and executive levels

HFMA's vision for the career center is grounded in the following directives as specified in the Corporate Strategic Plan:

  1. HFMA's value proposition is to save healthcare finance professionals time by identifying, organizing, and delivering services and tools that help members and customers solve problems and enhance their careers.
  2. Fundamental business strategy: Knowledge Transfer-Develop and deliver information and education content that builds the knowledge, skills, and behavioral competencies that are critical to current and future leadership needs of the industry. This fundamental strategy has clear career services implications.

We encourage you to point your members to the Center Center on your website and in your newsletters. We've developed web copy and an article you can include in your newsletters. Additional resources for chapters will be rolled out throughout the year. Watch for more information as the project unfolds.